Name: Sascha Camilli
Age: what a rude question
Current location: London
Occupation: all things PR at PETA UK and chief troublemaker at Vilda Magazine.
Likes: vegan cupcakes, plane tickets, yoga and puppies
Dislikes: blaring alarm clocks, horror movies and the smell of dairy cheese.

The question "where are you from?" is a tricky one for me - I was born in Russia and raised in Stockholm. At nineteen I moved to Los Angeles to be an actress, but it turns out winning an Oscar just wasn't my destiny (although you never know, it's not too late!), so I went on to Italy to attend fashion school, stuff my face with pizza, learn the most beautiful language in the world and fall in love with the blond, green-eyed guitarist who's now my husband, David. Together we moved to London, where we currently live, work and eat vegan cupcakes. In June 2014 we finally tied the knot.

I went vegan in 2012 and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. In 2013 I was selected for the Marie Claire UK Inspire & Mentor Scheme and mentored to launch Vilda, the world's first online vegan fashion magazine! Learn more about Coffee and Heels' cruelty-free policy here.

Aside from blogging and running Vilda, I am also lucky enough to manage public relations for PETA UK, my favourite animal rights organisation in the world. It truly is my dream job and I love the challenges and victories it brings me every day. Plus, we have vegan potlucks in the office. Enough said.

On this blog you will find:

Kind fashion that I love
Cruelty-free beauty reviews
Kick-ass book, music and movie tips
Tales of London life
Stories from inside the fashion industry
Rants, because I love a good rant
My best playlists 
Vegan recipes (although I must confess my hubby does most of all of the cooking)
Travel diaries and inspiration

Bits and pieces about me:

I used to be a child and teenage actress in Sweden
I speak four languages fluently: Russian, English, Swedish and Italian
I don't have a driver's licence
When I was five I had a pet snake
I'm obsessed with Seventies rock groupie culture
I hate the smell of cheese and have always done, even before going vegan
I think chipped nail polish can be a great look
I don't like potatoes
My dream man is Brad Pitt's character in Fight Club
I once moved to Milan without knowing anyone and with €200 in my pocket

To send me love letters, rants, vegan memes or just have a chat: sascha@coffee-and-heels.com