"Compassion is a true source of happiness" - Dalai Lama

Coffee and Heels is a 100% cruelty-free blog....and here's why.

I was once a fashion-obsessed girl who loved nothing more than shoes, bags and brand-new dresses. I  studied fashion in college and dreamed of being a fashion journalist. I was also a vegetarian. Later on, while working as an editor for a huge online fashion retailer, I couldn't help but feel like a hypocrite describing "soft calf-leather shoes" and "the new fur coats", especially as I was just looking into veganism at the time. Living a life that caused no harm to living creatures became a passion of mine - but I still adored style and devoured fashion magazines. So, one day, sipping a soy latte while wearing leather-free heels, I had an idea: I wanted to blog about my forays into kind fashion.

In July 2011, I started Coffee and Heels to explore my passion for compassionate lifestyle.
This blog has evolved into a personal diary infused with vegan fashion, cruelty-free beauty, yummy recipes and other adventures, plus travel diaries and my thoughts on everything from vegan chocolate cake to following your dreams.

Me volunteering at a dog shelter in Milan

Why is it called Coffee and Heels then, you may wonder, and not something like Eco Chic or The Vegan Fashionista? Well, as much as I love blogs with those names as they brand themselves very clearly, I don't write only for the vegan crowd, but for everyone who's curious towards a more compassionate lifestyle. And if you think about and heels are two of the things that we new vegans have to "tweak" to adapt to our new lifestyle is, well, the coffee (that has to have soy milk instead of cow's milk) and the heels (that have to be faux leather). So there's a thought to that.

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If you're a company and want to collaborate with me: I'd love to! But please keep in mind that I will only work with companies that have a strong cruelty-free policy. I will not blog about leather shoes or silk scarves. I will not write a sponsored post about makeup that's tested on animals. On the other hand, if you're a cruelty-free brand, I'd love to be on board!

For any questions, feedback, tips, rants, raves or just to chat, feel free to contact me at