Vilda Relaunch + Update

You know those bloggers who go missing for a month and then come back with a post that says "sorry I've been away"? Well, I've always laughed at them, but here I am, back (temporarily) after abandoning this little space. The reason? My magazine, Vilda, got a makeover!

After two years of a clean, minimalist layout (which I loved), I felt it was time for a change. So I scoured the web for inspiration (and, ahem, a nice-looking and not too pricey layout) and got in touch with a former colleague who's a kick-ass web developer and designer (she's right here, by the way), called up my amazing art director, and got to work.

And now it's here: our new look, our new identity.

Every time I look at the site, I feel so proud because finally I can see the vision of what I had in my mind come to life. Forgive me for saying this, but it's just so beautiful. I know how vain and self-congratulatory this sounds, but it's how I feel. I'm bursting at the seams with pride at what we have been able to accomplish and how far we have come.

But with every new beginning comes an end.
I don't remember when the last time was that I, aside from blogs and magazine and side projects, had a job that I truly loved - and I feel so lucky to be working for an organisation like the one where I am. It's 100% in line with my beliefs and I feel truly lucky to be there every day. But, as any dream job, it's time-consuming, and so is Vilda. So, something's got to give.

I have had this blog for nearly five years. It's been a diary, a scrapbook, a collection of memories and a gratitude journal. It's been a place I've kept coming back to, and I still get tremendous joy from scrolling through my archives. I've made great friendships and got some amazing opportunities from this blog, and I'll always cherish it.

This is not a goodbye - I will never close down Coffee and Heels and most likely I won't completely abandon it. But as it stands, I can impossibly hold down a demanding full-time job and a growing online magazine, write a book and find the time to blog. I wish I was superhuman, but the truth is, I'm super, but I'm only human.

Thank you for being here with me through the years and making this blog a joyful place to come back to. Thanks for partaking in my discussions on veganism, moving to London and making your dreams come true. Your words have been comforting, inspiring and exhilarating, and at times it felt like I was talking to a group of friends. I hope you'll keep up with Vilda and let me know your thoughts on it - I really value all feedback!

Keep in touch at sascha@vildamagazine.com, and never stop reaching for what you want - you deserve it.

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