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Two-and-a-bit years ago, I wrote this post, looking for contributors for my new venture - the first online magazine to focus on vegan fashion.
I launched Vilda in November 2013, with my international team by my side. It's taken us to places we never thought we could go, and now we'd like to take this even further.

As we plan for a big relaunch in the upcoming weeks, we're also looking for new contributors who can help make the new Vilda amazing. We plan to amp up our content and becoming even more of a resource for readers looking for the best in contemporary cruelty-free fashion, beauty and lifestyle - and that's where YOU come in.

I am looking for:

Writers. Beauty, fashion, lifestyle, food, travel, fitness, wellness - whatever's your thing within the vegan realm, I need it.
Wanted: ideas, ideas, ideas. Whatever your vision is, I'm interested in hearing what you can bring.

Online stylists. You'd be responsible for product selections, but also for organising editorial shoots in your town. Needed: fashion expertise, and knowledge of the vegan fashion arena.

Photographers. Whether you need to build your portfolio or already have photos to share, I'm interested in talking about featuring your art on Vilda.

Illustrators. Ditto. Your existing work could be of interest, or you could create new illustrations for Vilda.

Wordpress experts. Out of all positions we are searching for, THIS is the one that's the most crucial to me right now (no offence to the others), as your precious expertise would take Vilda from wow to double-wow.

I am looking for INTERNATIONAL. Wherever you are on our globe, get in touch, Vilda's magic lies in our global reach, and I'd like to amplify this even further. Even so, if you want to write for us, your English needs to be good.

IMPORTANT: there is a downside to everything and this is the case here, too. The start-up stage is very exciting, but part of it is financial investment, which means that there is no scope for paying anyone just yet. This includes me - not only am I not paid, I also invest money in the project constantly. I know this is a deal-breaker for some and I completely understand. I wish it could be different, but at the moment it's not.

Come join our revolution. We're changing the world...one stiletto at a time.

Email me at sascha@vildamagazine.com to know more.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska via Pixabay.

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