Why I'm Blowing Off Fashion Week

I really like Fashion Week. I look forward to it every season and make a big deal out of doing my ticket requests, something other editors often dislike. I plan my outfits (although not too carefully - looking like you've tried too hard is against everything I believe in) and lay out my day to make room for as many shows and events as I can. So how come I'm boycotting LFW this year?


Come Join Our Revolution

Two-and-a-bit years ago, I wrote this post, looking for contributors for my new venture - the first online magazine to focus on vegan fashion.
I launched Vilda in November 2013, with my international team by my side. It's taken us to places we never thought we could go, and now we'd like to take this even further.


Leather: How to Fake It

I must admit that I like the look of leather. The sleek and minimalist biker look is one of my favourite style inspirations ever. This is why I am so thrilled with the faux varieties available on the high street these days*. A leather jacket and skirt have been on my must-wear list for ages - but obviously the faux variety. But I had never worn leather trousers, of any kind, until after this Christmas, when one of my gifts was a lovely pair of faux-leather trousers from Zara (chosen by me).