2016 Goals

Ok here I am, late to the party as always, with a list of the wild and wonderful things I hope to accomplish in this amazing brand-new year. Hold tight, it's going to be a crazy ride!

Finish my book already.
Yep, I'm working on a book! About vegan fashion, no less. Exciting stuff, I know! Except that it's sloooow going. In fact, I'd appreciate if one (or several) of my blog readers could send me Whatsapps of themselves screaming "get your arse off that sofa! Stop watching Millionaire Matchmaker - you know your husband hates that show! That book isn't going to write itself, you lazy useless chocolate chip cookie-eating robot!" or something to that effect.

Try to eliminate palm oil from my diet.
If someone knows a 65p peanut butter brand with no palm oil in, let me know (and no, I can't just buy the £2.85 organic stuff. I don't have £2.85. Do I look like Gwyneth to you? Man, I wish I looked like Gwyneth). Why you shouldn't buy palm oil? Here's your answer. I believe veganism is about avoiding cruelty, not nitpicking what ingredients "technically" come from an animal or not. That's why I don't think palm oil is vegan.

Buy the best faux-leather biker jacket I can afford.
By "best", I mean one that won't disintegrate after two seasons' wear, like my last one did. And before you unleash a "leather is quality" lecture on me, I have tons of faux bags and shoes that have been around for years. It's all about choosing wisely, and not falling in love with a price tag and a particularly flattering fitting-room selfie.

Volunteer with the homeless.
Particularly with anything involving cooking for them. Even better if I can sit and chat to them and treat them like, you know, a person. Which isn't how I've seen them treated on the streets of London.

Give Vilda a makeover.
And possibly not commit harakiri over the sheer impossibility of Wordpress. Good thing I have an actual tech-literate person to help me.

Learn to do a full, actual headstand, with both legs up.
Extra points if away from the edge of my bed, which I currently use as a much-needed crutch - the other day I was actually about to fall over backwards, and if the bed wasn't there, I might have broken my neck (yes, falling over backwards happens!). But getting over this not-so-irrational fear still remains the goal. Other #yogagoals: crow pose and one-legged wheel, on both sides.

Learn to take good photos.
I rely so heavily on my husband to help with blog photos and yes, one cannot really take a good photo of oneself, at least if you're going for a full-figure shot. But learning the basics of photography is top of my must-learn list. For the blog, for Vilda, for documenting my life.

Buy most of my clothes from charity shops.
Since I've discovered the brilliance of the charity shops here in Crystal Palace, I'm hooked. It's like a treasure hunt! Not for the aforementioned biker jacket, though, as most charity shops are still depressingly rich in leather and wool.

Meditate for longer than 10 minutes at at time.
And not fall asleep. I usually meditate when I wake up or right before bed - both of which are times of day when I'm so desperately tired that "concentrating on my breath" feels like a chore.

Buy a good umbrella and NOT leave it on the Tube.
...not sure about this one. Writing a book seems like an easier feat.

 ...oh and Vegan Good Life magazine apparently finds me a "vegan influencer" - there's an interview with me in the latest issue!

Picture from Pinterest. Rest in peace, David.


  1. Great goals! As someone who tries to tread as ethically as possible in my life including clothing and food choices I love some of the plans you have. And I'd love to hear about that biker jacket if you ever find one! I have a leather jacket I've had since I was 15 (17 years - ie before I turned vegan) as well as some other long-time leather items. I try to just take good care of them but am also looking for good non-leather options as several, including the jacket, are on their last legs!

  2. Congratulation for your interview on Vegan Good Life! And thanks for sharing your goals, they are great ones! I am totally with you on the headstand goal. I can do a headstand and keep it for a while, but if there is no wall behind me, even if there is my yoga instructor next to me ready to catch me if I fall backwards I can't raise my legs. I really want to overcome my fear of falling backwards in 2016 too.
    And please finish your book soon soon. I can't wait to read it!

  3. Kiki -Ya'll is ratchet as hell12 January 2016 at 05:52

    Just finished the book. Found your site by typing in, "revenge wears Prada is the worst book I've ever read!" Andy was a whiny bitch, if I was her husband I would have left her, not doted on her. The whole pregnancy thing was useless filler. Andy spent the entire book being a passive agressive 14 year old girl not speaking up for herself yet being mad that no one telepathically knew what was going on. The writer should have set it up so that max did have an affair on that trip (at least that would have been a reason not to like him). As it stood I totally agreed with max and Emily about selling. It was obvious fairly early in the book that Andy would reunite with Alex but why? Second worst book I've ever read in my life. Ugh, I didn't want to review the book, just rapid fire off my anger, thanks!

  4. Kiki -Ya'll is ratchet as hell12 January 2016 at 05:56

    How do you know if someone is vegan? Don't worry they will tell you! Thanks for the prior read. Cheers!


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