My 2015

Another year is coming to an end, and what a year it's been. After the whirlwind of 2014, I was expecting this to be a calm year, one of mindfulness and reflection...instead, another rollercoaster year came along!

2015 was the year when...

Vilda had its first very own custom photoshoot and editorial (and the second one is out today!)

David and I visited friends in the beautiful city of Oxford

I only bought three items of clothing: an ASOS jumpsuit, a £5 lace dress from a charity shop and an eco dress from Outsider

My best friend took me to an amazing vegan restaurant in Verona, which went to show just how far the cruelty-free revolution has come in Italy

My second niece Olivia was born

I spent a wonderful week in scorching hot and incredibly beautiful Malta

I finally went back to my birthplace, Moscow

...but most importantly, this was the year I abandoned what had been a toxic working environment to me for many years and finally found the place where I belong. I no longer dread Mondays or count the hours until I can go home. I no longer find myself thinking "it this it?", and that's my biggest victory this year.

So goodbye, 2015, I salute you in the best way I know how - with a new haircut.

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