All I Want for Christmas

Note to readers: this is a completely dream-based, unrealistic wishlist. I completely accept that, come Christmas Day, not many of these presents will actually have found their way under my tree. I can read and I have seen the price tags on some of this stuff.
But, at Christmas, we are all allowed to dream, and I am known among friends and family for my vivid imagination. So, here goes, my festive favourites #agirlcandream

I love this brand so much - ByBlanch is the answer to every vegan fashionista's prayers. The Offshore Black design is literally The Perfect Shoe. I dare you to pair this with anything in your closet and guarantee that it will look on point.

I love the circle shape of this Freedom of Animals Boromo bag and its mock-snake texture, as well as its soft pastel hue. Long story short: I love everything about this bag. Except the price.

Okay, this is actually a realistic, attainable present. As a huge Elizabeth Gilbert fan (Eat Pray Love is one of my all-time favourite books), I can't wait to read Big Magic. It sounds, with fear of sounding a bit dramatic, life-changing.

Back to the land of dream-presents: an unlimited supply of Frame yoga classes! There's a Frame quite close to my office, and actually being able to afford them, 2-3 times a week, would be the perfect next step in my yoga journey.

Since I got my first tattoo, I've been planning my next one. It hasn't happened because of money - I  care about having a well-made second tattoo that really represents me, so I'm waiting until I can afford it. Nothing really compares to the feeling of having a tattoo done, so I'm really, really looking forward to that moment when I'm under that needle again.

A new hair colour, plus upkeep! I'm getting a new cut soon (stay tuned) but I can't afford this subtle, dreamy, glossy sombre that I've drooled over all year. I have actual dreams of me with this hair - too bad I never wake up with it.

A couple of tickets to any of the Muse shows happening in London in April 2016. I've been wanting to go to one of these guys' concerts for years but they're just so darn pricey (and yes, I know that this song is very, very unlikely to be played. I just love it to death).

And this is perhaps the most unattainable of them all. Returning to the City of Angels after over a decade beats everything else on my wishlist - but I know I'd have to win the lottery for that one to come true. I carry a $1 bill in my wallet at all times, just to remind myself that one day I will come back to LA, this time with my husband, and perhaps for a longer time. When? Only time will tell.

Pictures from the mentioned brands' web shops and Pinterest.

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