My 2015

Another year is coming to an end, and what a year it's been. After the whirlwind of 2014, I was expecting this to be a calm year, one of mindfulness and reflection...instead, another rollercoaster year came along!


Vegan Christmas Dinner at The Gate

One of the reasons why I'm happy I'm not a freelancer any more are office Christmas parties! I know that some of you dread yours, and truly understand how annoying it must be to have to spend an evening with people whom you dislike and are already forced to see every day. But I love my team and always look forward work outings...especially if they are held somewhere as nice as The Gate in Islington.


Lucky in London

This week I took a few days off work to welcome a friend and her sister to stay in our flat while enjoying a few days in (sunny and unusually warm) London. They went to the theatre, shopped at Harrods and then we were off for a Christmas lights tour of the centre of the city. This morning, we showed them around our lovely area before they flew back home to Stockholm.


All I Want for Christmas

Note to readers: this is a completely dream-based, unrealistic wishlist. I completely accept that, come Christmas Day, not many of these presents will actually have found their way under my tree. I can read and I have seen the price tags on some of this stuff.
But, at Christmas, we are all allowed to dream, and I am known among friends and family for my vivid imagination. So, here goes, my festive favourites #agirlcandream

I love this brand so much - ByBlanch is the answer to every vegan fashionista's prayers. The Offshore Black design is literally The Perfect Shoe. I dare you to pair this with anything in your closet and guarantee that it will look on point.