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In my world, 'dressing for the office' has always been this abstract concept that didn't really apply to me: in the plethora of professional positions I have held, from nursery nurse and cruise-ship cleaning lady to TV series actress, hotel entertainer and fashion editor, working attire has looked wildly different each time, never really falling into that stereotypical category of 'skirt suit and heels'.
But then I hit my thirties, found a career I'm really passionate about, and now I feel that my wardrobe should reflect my new attitude towards my professional path, all while retaining my individuality. Which is quite easy with a statement accessory such as the Cartella bag from BAREL Ethical Luxury.

I must admit it: I've been guilty of wearing ripped jeans to the office. I also regularly come in wearing a t-shirt or a mini skirt (only during tights weather, though. Steering clear of corporate TMI moments is always a good idea!). But lately I've gravitated towards a more clean-cut, minimalist, grown-up approach to workwear - but it's not all crisp white shirts and monochrome palettes. Adding an accessory that spices things up seems like the perfect move: cue BAREL and their Cartella bag.

Crafted from Mycro, an eco-friendly and biodegradable faux-suede fabric, this roomy and spacious bag effortlessly slots into your existing wardrobe thanks to its clean lines and versatile colour palette. I went for silver because it blends well with black: it's a style statement, yet easy to wear.

Personal style is that touch of you that reveals who you are...or who you would like to be. It's your signature, one that changes and adapts but is always present, whether you're in a meeting or dancing at a club. And for me, exploring vegan fashion has helped me refine my style and find new, unexpected ways to blend ethics with aesthetics - made easy by brands such as BAREL.

Shirt, H&M
Trousers, Sisley
Shoes, Sisley
Bag, BAREL Ethical Luxury
Watch, Breil
Bracelet, Nomination

Photos by David Camilli
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