LaRitzy Vegan Beauty Box Review

I'm always on the hunt for awesome cruelty-free beauty, so when I was contacted by a brand-new, animal-friendly beauty business and offered to try out their goods, I was so excited.
Cruelty-free beauty box service LaRitzy was founded by Gurmeet Tagore and Emily David, two animal lovers who teamed up to offer conscious shoppers a way to discover luxurious, indulgent beauty products that don't harm animals. Emily and Gurmeet share their home with three puppies, so learning more about the reality of animal testing was heartbreaking for them - but it also gave them the push they needed to start LaRitzy.

The October box I received contained the following goodies:

Feed Your Ends  by Yarok Hair - I'm obsessed with this already. This vegan leave-in conditioner is nourishing enough to make even my hair - which hasn't seen the business end of scissors since May! - feel soft and glossy post-blow dry.

Hydro-Distilled Sage & Rose Body Wash by Strange Invisible - a mix of certified organic, vegan ingredients that could actually double up as unisex. Plus points for the small bottle that can easily be brought on trips.

Unscented All-Natural Detox Deodorant by Zak Body - when I first discovered that deodorants contained aluminium, I was freaked out. I'm a deodorant-aholic and my first thought was,  'what do I use now'? This is what. Nontoxic and vegan, this unscented deodorant does the job, for up to 24 hours.

Green Apple Age Defy Hand Cream by Juice Beauty - I love hand creams. There's always at least one in my bag and I have two determining criteria on how I choose my hand creams: scent and moisture. And this fresh-smelling concoction from Juice Beauty brings both in abundance. Consider me addicted.

Eau De Parfum by Strange Invisible - perfume is tricky for vegans, but what gets me every time is that bottles are rarely small enough to bring in my bag for a touch-up if I'm heading out after work. This sampler easily takes care of that - thanks, Strange Invisible.

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