Cooking in Heels: Tofurky Roast

I should really stop naming these posts 'Cooking in Heels', as David doesn't wear heels while he cooks - and he's the one doing the cooking around here.
This week, we had the chance to try a Tofurky roast - a delicious tofu roast stuffed with wild rice.

Despite me being vegan for three years and David being almost-vegan for as long, we had never eaten, let alone cooked, anything like this, so it's safe to say we were both curious!

By popular demand, here's my quick, easy and efficient Tofurky roast recipe:

1. Defrost Tofurky.
2. Pour yourself a glass of wine.
3. Observe while husband prepares dinner.

...ok, I wasn't completely idle - I peeled the potatoes, made the gravy (I use the word 'made' very loosely - all it is is mixing the contents of a little paper bag with some water and bringing to the boil) and made the olive oil and soy sauce baste. But the bulk of the cooking fell, as usual, to my talented husband.

After the roast is defrosted, it should go in some tin foil with half the baste (our baste was olive oil, salt, pepper, soy sauce and herbs) and into the preheated oven for an hour. After the our, unwrap, pour the rest of the baste on top and roast for another ten minutes.

We had ours with potatoes (David) and sweet potatoes (me) plus a tomato and onion salad. It was beyond scrumptious! Even your meat-eating friends will love it. And it will last ages - we had it for dinner Friday, yesterday and are having it for lunch...right now. Have a lovely Sunday everyone. 

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