Brief Moments of Swedish Summer

I have a million reasons to go home to Sweden: family, friends, food...wait, those are just about it. However, weather is pretty much never a reason. Every time I jump on a plane to my home town, I brace myself for chilly times, especially when the weather at home in London is anything but dreamy.

Imagine my surprise this weekend, when I stepped off the plane into a breezy, balmy evening that, come next morning, turned into the most perfect summer's day - or make that three days.

Every moment I get to spend with my sisters is so precious to me, and this weekend was even more special as I got to see them both. The three of us living in three different countries (Sofie, left, lives in Sweden, while Liza, centre, lives in France and is moving to Scotland) takes its toll - selfie moments like this one are few and far between.

I took this picture of myself holding my newborn niece, Olivia, just as a memory for myself - but once I saw how perfectly it captured the tenderness of the moment, I decided to publish it, even if I'm not wearing any makeup! I hope that what I'm really feeling isn't showing - sheer terror. What if I break her? At one month old, Olivia is pretty much the tiniest human being I have ever seen. But she is also one of the sweetest and most adorable ones. I miss her already!

...and, let's not forget that Olivia has a big sister! It's weird to call Elise 'big', since I remember her being just as tiny as Olivia, but she has grown SO much since I last saw her in March. I guess the impact is even greater for me since I don't get to see them grow up every day the way my sister does, but I'm amazed at how much Elise has grown every time I get to hang out with her. Something else I'm amazed by? My sister Sofie. It's incredible how she manages to pull it all together to run her beautiful family - at not even 23 years of age! Respect.

Being with my sisters brings out the inner kid in me. The togetherness that comes through every time we meet up is exactly the same - regardless of our differences and life experiences, can keep us from reverting back to the giggly trio we have always been. Plus, I hadn't been on the swings in years! Especially in heels.

It was the little things that made this long weekend feel like summer holiday rather than going home - the ice cream at StikkiNikki, the yummy gelateria in central Stockholm (vegan cashew vanilla anyone?), the chatty lunch with my best friend, the long mornings on the balcony, the cuddles with the cat. I loved every second of this weekend. Really, truly loved it.

Saying goodbye is always hard. Living far from my family will never be easy, but I also feel like it makes me cherish the moments we have even more than I would if I were always around. They are so quick and fleeting that desperately trying to enjoy them as much as possible is the only way I can cope. And every time I leave, it means I can start looking forward to coming back.


  1. Lovely post. I live far from my hometown too and I can totally relate to what you say. Saying goodbye is always difficult but it makes us savour every minute!

  2. <333333 älskar dig så mycket och saknat dig massor!

  3. We can only hope for a better summer in Britain :)


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