Seven Reasons to Love Skinny Bitch

I recently borrowed Skinny Bitch at work after having wanted to read it for ages. This book, a diet lifestyle guide by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin, is the wake-up call many vegans needed to finally make the switch. These two ladies tell it like is, and that's what I love about them - no swear words are spared, political correctness is thrown out of the window and misconceptions that most of us grew up with get a good butt-kicking. I am 100% a fan - here's why:

1. This book portrays the meat and dairy industries exactly as they are.
Oh, if only all bitches were like the Skinny Bitches! The writers are anything but bitchy. They are compassionate, savvy and conscious. The chapter that refers to meat as 'rotting, decomposing flesh' is what drew me to the book in the first place - finally, a diet book that tells the truth! It opens your eyes, even if, like me, you've been a vegan for years. The You Are What You Eat chapter lifts the lid on the cruelty of these industries, pointing out that nothing that came from cruelty, fear, anger, torture, pain and anxiety can ever be healthy.

2. This book KILLS all the excuses.
I love how Rory and Kim shoot down all the excuses not to be healthy by calling them pathetic and reminding you that YOU should be your top priority. Have no time? Make time. It's that simple. Penniless as I am and have always been, I'm usually quick to jump at the 'but I can't afford to eat well' excuse. But guess what. Since I stopped hitting Starbucks every two days and re-discovered the office coffee machine, I all of a sudden found myself in the possession of the £3 I needed to buy fruit, the healthiest snack ever. So there. There is no excuse for making excuses.

3. This book shows you that you CAN get healthy.
Read the Don't be a Pussy chapter. Read it again. Revel in the amazing 'you can do it' attitude, because you can, just like everyone else can. The truth is most of us just don't want to. We're too lazy. Sorry, but that's just how it is.

4. This book emphasises that unhealthy, artificial foods are NOT an 'indulgence'.
God, I hate that 'treats' mentality of scoffing down processed crap as a 'luxury'. I do it myself, we all do, but think about it - what's luxurious about treating your body like a rubbish bin? Of course it's okay to eat chips every once in a while, we're not robots! But 'treating' yourself to junk every day because you're 'human' is just kidding yourself.

5. This book gives fad diet the blast they deserve.
I officially fell in love with Rory and Kim at 'you are a complete moron if you think the Atkins diet will make you thin'. SO true. And before I hear from a hundred angry Atkins fans who claim to have lost millions of pounds on the diet, maybe go for a liver check-up. See how your organs feel. If it's making you ill, it's not worth it.

6. This book shares my attitude towards medicine.
I haven't taken an aspirin in years. I don't keep medicine in the house. It goes without saying that if I or my husband get ill and have to go to the hospital, we will take whatever doctors give us - we're not crazy. But popping a pill every time you have a headache or menstrual cramps is pure insanity and actually makes things worse. Follow Rory and Kim's advice - listen to your body. Why do you have a headache? Why do you have a cold? Chances are, it's because you eat crap, don't get enough sleep and had five cocktails last night. Aspirin is not going to make that damage go away - it will just numb the symptoms.

7. This book is hilarious.
I'm sorry to whoever was offended by it, but I loved the language of this book. I loved the 'get off your fat ass and stop eating crap' no-nonsense attitude. I loved the 'if you eat shit, you are shit' tone - for me personally, it's exactly what I need when I'm tired and have no desire to work out or want to hit the biscuit tin for no good reason. And no, the right thing to do in that situation is NOT to 'just be kind to yourself' and stay on the sofa with a pack of Oreos - sure, that's okay once in a while, but when I do it too often I end up feeling sluggish and even more tired. If I had a friend like Rory and Kim, who could be there with a much-needed kick in the butt, I'd never miss a yoga session, and feel much better as a result.

...and one reason why I don't love the book....

This book wants you to quit coffee.
Not cool, girls. Just when I thought we could be friends.
Rory and Kim think it's pathetic if you need coffee to wake up. You shouldn't need anything to wake up, according to them. And I kind of agree - I needed nothing to wake up this morning, for example. But that's because I woke up at 9, when my body decided it was time to wake up. Not because an alarm blared angrily at 6.45. If we are to truly listen to our bodies, can we really stipulate set times for them to do things, based on our completely unnatural lifestyles? Until we figure that one out, I'm sticking with the coffee.


  1. I bought the book 10 x and gave it to some lovely lady's who deserved it. Two of them were my daughters :-)
    www.rawpassion.co.uk ~ nice skin never goes out of fashion ~

  2. Hi Sascha.
    Your photos of yourself show you as very pretty in glasses, partly because you are very short sighted which looks endearing. I like your ch.oice of spectacle frame and colour. The thick plastic frame with wide surround at the side is beautiful on you because of your short sight, th eway they work with your high prescription lenses.


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