Things I Look Forward to Right Now

Going back to Sweden to meet my newborn niece, Olivia, and seeing my sisters again. And, of course, the rest of my family. And my friends. And the cats (got everyone now, I hope).

Reading the rest of my copy of Vegan Good Life magazine.

Jetting off to Malta at the end of August.

Going to the Brixton Splash next weekend.

Listening to the new Muse album from beginning to end.

Visiting VegFest in October!

Sitting in a nice pub with my nice friend and having a nice drink on Wednesday evening.

Visiting this cool yoga studio in my area.

Trying this amazingly easy-to-veganise pain au chocolat recipe.

Watching Humans this evening - it's my new TV series addiction.

For this crap weather to stop - we've got one month of summer left and I might be a fool, but I'm hoping it will be a sunny, indulgent one to prepare us for the merciless chill of British autumn and winter. Happy new week everyone!

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