...and just like that, I'm an aunt again.

She arrived yesterday, more eagerly awaited than summer itself, this little July child with dark hair and the tiniest hands I've ever seen. There is nothing like the birth of a baby to make us all remember how straightforwardly wonderful life is, in the end. Landing in the loving arms of my sister and her husband, Olivia brought the sunshine.

Being an aunt is a very special experience, one that I first discovered last year and I was surprised at how quickly it becomes part of your identity. Both of my nieces are still really young (well, one was literally born yesterday!) but seeing Elise's personality develop is such an adventure - even from afar. I can't wait to see how Olivia's will turn out. I can't wait to find out what will make her laugh, what she will be curious about, what her dreams will be. I can't wait to spoil her with gifts. I can't wait to see her twirl around in dresses, climb trees, discover new toys, say her first word. I can't wait to watch her explore the world. I can't wait to be the aunt she deserves. If I ever can.

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