One Year of Love

A year ago today, I woke up to blinding sunshine. Which was a bit misleading, since this cheerful weather was accompanied by one of the fiercest winds in recent memory. But somehow, watching my friends and family wrap themselves in blankets and complain of the cold, I didn't even feel a chill.

It sounds so cliché to say that your wedding was the happiest day of your life. But it truly was. And not just because of all the obstacles we'd faced, all the challenges we'd won and all the hurdles we'd overcome to make this celebration happen, but also because our loved ones were there to share the day with us.

To me, a wedding has always been about celebrating the fact that I've been lucky enough to find someone who loves me as much as I love him. To be completely honest, I had never thought I'd meet someone to celebrate this day with, so I never envisioned 'my dream wedding' while growing up. I always imagined myself as something of a Samantha from Sex and the City: a high-powered career woman with no husband or kids. But life rarely goes the way you'd planned and here I am, a wife.

The thing about David and I is that we are never bored together.

He's a clean freak and I am a messy hippie. He wakes up at 7.30 on Sunday morning on his own while I stay in bed until after 9. He loves historic novels while I am more of an Eat, Pray, Love kinda gal. He looks forward to new episodes of Forever while I can't stop watching Jane the Virgin. He wish he lived by the sea while I thrive on city streets. He could eat pasta every day while I am a quinoa maniac. He wants a Czechoslovakian wolfdog while I long for a Beagle. His dream holiday spot is Tokyo. Mine is Hawaii.

But then we both waste hours watching puppy videos on Instagram. We both think the guitar solo is best part of a rock song. We match each other's hummus-eating skills. We both find Daria Werbowy to be the most gorgeous woman alive and both adore little-known Scottish singer Owain Phyfe. We both couldn't give a monkey's about mortgages and are happy in our rented little South London flat. We both agree with living on noodles and 69p bananas for months just to be able to afford to travel that bit more.

We have screaming fights. We face a lot of difficulties (not all of which I choose to talk about on the blog). We laugh until our bellies hurt. Our idea of the perfect Saturday night is Indian takeaway, vegan ice cream and binge-watching Orange is the New Black (yes, he loves it as much as I do! That's true love).

He challenges me, teaches me and inspires me every day. And I can't believe I've been lucky enough to find him.

See the story of our wedding here.

Photo by Daria Polkovnikova

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