Three Favourites from Beauty Without Cruelty

Finding cruelty-free beauty has gotten easier over the years, but compassionate shopping can still be a bit of a jungle - what brands are really cruelty-free, which are vegan and what can I trust? For a new vegan or recently converted cruelty-free shopper, figuring out beauty brands, products and ingredients is one of the trickiest areas of the new lifestyle. This is why brands like Beauty Without Cruelty are so useful. What interested me in the brand at first was the fact that they are so open with their policy - no beating around the bushes and using vague terminology such as 'organic' and other misleading labels here! They're vegan and they're proud. The brand's philosophy is in their name, and every time I shop with them I feel reassured that the product I'm buying is completely free from animal suffering.

After having a chance to play around with the BVC range, three products have become permanent fixtures in my makeup bag;

Ultimate Natural Mascara, Black. The only mascara that has my top three musts: 1. it thickens the lashes subtly, without making them look like spider legs. 2. it visibly lengthens the lashes 3.it washes off easily.

Silver Range Satin Finish Blusher, Rosetta. Gives that elusive fresh glow, the one that fashion reporters often refer to as 'the models looked healthy' (they're either using this, or they're actually allowed to eat).

Natural Infusion Moisturising Lipstick, Cerise 50. This. This is the perfect red. The elusive, impossible-to-find colour that will make you go from Corpse Bride to Scarlett Johansson (well, almost). Trust me. This is The One.

These three products, along with my favourite foundation, together form my beauty capsule wardrobe - when in doubt, just throw on these three things and you're good to go. Daytime or evening, work or weekend, this versatile trio has seen me through them all. I currently have two of the Cerise: one in my beauty bag and one in the office, just in case I forget the first one. The prospect of making it through a day without it is terrifying.

What are your top beauty must-haves?

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  1. I have personally never tried Beauty Without Cruelty but definitely need to take a look at their range! The blush looks gorgeous too :) xxx


  2. Just discovered your blog and I'm so happy!
    Going to check every week! Xx

  3. I've just started using W3LLEXP EXPRESSIONIST BIO EXTREME MASCARA (capitals as I cut and pasted from my email - sorry!) and it was a little thin at first, but now my eyelashes are the LONGEST they've ever been... it took a few days to get used to it.

    Thanks for your links, I'm always looking for make up to try. Is the lipstick smudge proof? I prefer lipstains that don't kiss off (mostly because I have a toddler, not because I'm kissing lots of men!) xoxoxo


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