Birthday Presents

Remember when you were a kid and the main reason why you looked forward to your birthday was that magical moment when you tore the wrapping paper off your presents? Well, I've never really grown out of it. I never expect presents, but when I get them, I'm childishly excited.

My most recent birthday saw me unwrap a variety of gifts. The first, mainly because it arrived one day early, was this pair of mules from ASOS. I fell in love with them at first sight, but was slightly worried about them being uncomfortable - which they absolutely aren't. I wore them to my birthday dinner and I've worn them to work, and they feel great.

When my friends handed this gift over, they jokingly said that it was more a gift for David than for me, and they were right, he is the cook of the family! I'm looking forward to seeing him work his way through all 500 - a week after receiving the gift, we can cross tzatziki (yum), pita (yummer) and pancakes (the yummest of them all) off the list. More to come!

Slippers are one of my favourite things - they represent the ultimate comfort. Do you know of anything more relaxing than kicking off your heels at the end of the day and wrapping your feet in the supreme softness of slippers? I don't know what they put inside the insoles of these, but they feel like walking on clouds.

And this is one of David's gifts - a painting of me on the steps of a church in our area. This is painted off a photo that was taken when we were on our way to celebrate our one-year wedding anniversary - I was happy, relaxed and felt amazing. This picture represents a lovely moment for me and us and the drawing is such a great way to capture that.

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