Birthday Dinner at Amico Bio

I LOVE my birthday.

I hear about people falling out of love with celebrating their birthdays as they get older, but for me, 21 June is an occasion to take a moment and appreciate how lucky I am. My husband, friends, family. My job and side projects. My city. And simply the fact that I'm still here, for another year, happy and healthy - not something to take for granted.

Every year on my birthday I try to do something new, try new things or go to places I've never been before (last year my birthday was the last day of our honeymoon and we went to Amalfi!). I find it's a good way to stay youthful :)

Yesterday I went to Amico Bio with my husband and a few friends. This lovely veggie Italian restaurant is nestled in a tucked-away street near Barbican and offers a menu of Mediterranean delicacies with an organic twist, most of them vegan-friendly.

The restaurant's atmosphere is a truly unique mix of homely and refined. Unpretentious yet considered, Amico Bio is a place that makes you want to stick around. The staff is friendly and efficient - and Italian, which bodes well for the food to come. And indeed, no overcooked pasta here. Every little detail is carefully presented and very flavourful.

I had a seitan kebab (the vegan option) which was delicious and very filling. My husband had the lemon and courgette pasta, which was zesty and refreshing. While wolfing down my kebab, I feasted my eyes on the veggie burger that one of our friends had - shrouded in focaccia bread and accompanied by chips, onion rings AND salad, it was truly a feast. I know what I'm having next time!

No birthday is complete without cake, and my choice fell on the the carrot and almond cake with vegan chocolate ice cream.

...fresh flavours combined with the luxe decadence of chocolate. Plus wine. What more could a girl ask for?

Amico Bio is located in 44 Cloth Fair, Barbican. Check their menu here.


  1. These place looks great for vegans! The pasta and the cake sounds delicious and happy birthday!! :) xx


  2. This restaurant has been on my list for so long - the cake sounds amazing! x

  3. Wow I can't wait to go to London and check this out the menu was really immense!


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