Annoying Things that Bloggers Do

I love blogging, otherwise I would never have stuck with it for this long. I love that sense of community, following each other, checking in on one another. I've met two of my best London friends through the internet - that's the power of blogging!


There are a few behaviours that make me hit the 'unfollow' button faster than you can say 'nice post! Follow my blog!' (btw, comments like this are one of those behaviours). In this not at all judgemental post, I hand-picked a few things bloggers should really stop doing.

Saying how sorry you are for not posting for a while. Who are you apologising to? And why even have a blog if all you're going to do with it is write a post, disappear for a month, then come back and apologise? I'd prefer to spend my time doing, you know, whatever it was you were off doing for a month. Whenever I see this, it feels to me like the person's attracted to the idea of being a blogger, but isn't really passionate about blogging.

Posting only product reviews and sponsored posts. If there is one factor that definitely guarantees that I never come back to your blog again, it's finding a beautiful site with a gorgeous design...and 10 product reviews on the first page. I get it, we all have to make cash. But the sense of blogging is sharing, discussing, giving your point of view...on something other than 'this amazing mascara OMG I, like, love it so much! PS this post has sponsored content'. Same thing if all you post are giveaways. Your blog is your personal brand - are you sure that you want to be a catalog?

Not aligning photos with text. Please, please don't center your photos. EVER. Align them with your text, and make sure the whole photo and text 'block' is aligned. How? I have no idea, I hired a designer to do it. That's how annoyed I was.

Photoshopping your face and/or body in every shot. How anyone can think, in this day and age, that readers don't realise a photo's been retouched is beyond me. I personally hate Photoshopped faces and bodies and will only agree to retouched content on my blog if the photographer (usually David) insists. 

Asking 'what would you like me to write about?' I read your blog because I like your writing voice. If I have to tell you what to write about, I might as well write and read my own blog. Write about what you love, if I like your blog I'll read. That's how it works.

Specifying that 'I say no to almost everything I'm offered; I advertise only what I genuinely love'. Oh please. You might fool a newbie or two, but those of us who have been in the game for a while can see right through that 'I get sent LOADS of free stuff, you guys' act. Admit it: just like the rest of us, all you get 'offered' is a free mascara. Which you of course genuinely love, having learned of the brand's existence five minutes after receiving the 'Dear Blogger...' email. 

...and the capital offence which I think should result in having your blogger badge revoked forever:

Asking to 'follow each other'. I've even had people email me to ask for 'link exchange'. NO. Just no. I only read, follow and link blogs I genuinely like, and I'd advise any blogger to do the same. Talking about things we really love is the only way to keep the blogger community honest. 

What are blogger-y things do you find annoying? Are you guilty of any of the above? Or do you not think these are offences? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Ha! I honestly never think about how the pictures are aligned unless it's really distractingly awful. I think my template just overrides any kind of aligning I try to do on my own anyway… Totally agree that blogs should be personal, not just product catalogs!

  2. Io detesto la moda tutta blogger di dire dove si va: theblondesaladgoesto...
    Mi viene quasi da pensare: e chi se ne importa?? Detesto anche chi non si rilegge e non controlla i propri errori, che siano grammaticali o no...

  3. I completely agree with everything that you have mentioned above. If the blog doesn't look good, have it's own voice and personality and doesn't write regularly then sorry but its getting a no from me and the follow for a follow thing is so old its a joke. Bloggers will read and follow if they enjoy the content of the blog itself xx


  4. Totally agree with you on all this! (I've been meaning to work out the aligning photos with text thing for a long while, you've reminded me to start that as it drives me crazy and just haven't had the time to do it - yes, I was off having a baby and never felt like apologising for not posting!)

    But what annoys me (maybe in the sewing blogging world anyways) is "So and So got in contact with me and I was *delighted* to sew their pattern" as if everyone (ie business & blogger) are besties... ummmm, NO, they want to you give you a good review so you can sell their stuff for them.

    And lastly, other bloggers emailing you about how much they love your blog so you then should read their blog... and then you get the same formulaic emails that they obviously just send to everyone and forgot they sent to you. /rant (!)

  5. I hate that 'I love your blog, please follow mine' comment! It's so clear that they haven't even read your post and have NO CLUE what your blog is even about. Ugh.

  6. non mi fare iniziare sulla grammatica! La mia regola d'oro é: se non sai scrivere in inglese, allora NON SCRIVERE IN INGLESE. Semplice no? Senza sottoporre i lettori a 'I come back at home', 'The Gucci's collection', 'I considerate it my home' e altri obrobri del genere. Vogliamo poi vedere tutti i vari its e it's, their e they're, your e you're...sará che ho un passato da giornalista e copywriter, ma mi danno troppo fastidio queste cose!

  7. I never used to think about it, but then David pointed it out and now it's all I can think about! haha.

  8. Non potrei essere più d'accordo!


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