Birthday Presents

Remember when you were a kid and the main reason why you looked forward to your birthday was that magical moment when you tore the wrapping paper off your presents? Well, I've never really grown out of it. I never expect presents, but when I get them, I'm childishly excited.

My most recent birthday saw me unwrap a variety of gifts. The first, mainly because it arrived one day early, was this pair of mules from ASOS. I fell in love with them at first sight, but was slightly worried about them being uncomfortable - which they absolutely aren't. I wore them to my birthday dinner and I've worn them to work, and they feel great.


Birthday Dinner at Amico Bio

I LOVE my birthday.

I hear about people falling out of love with celebrating their birthdays as they get older, but for me, 21 June is an occasion to take a moment and appreciate how lucky I am. My husband, friends, family. My job and side projects. My city. And simply the fact that I'm still here, for another year, happy and healthy - not something to take for granted.

Every year on my birthday I try to do something new, try new things or go to places I've never been before (last year my birthday was the last day of our honeymoon and we went to Amalfi!). I find it's a good way to stay youthful :)


One Year of Love

A year ago today, I woke up to blinding sunshine. Which was a bit misleading, since this cheerful weather was accompanied by one of the fiercest winds in recent memory. But somehow, watching my friends and family wrap themselves in blankets and complain of the cold, I didn't even feel a chill.

It sounds so cliché to say that your wedding was the happiest day of your life. But it truly was. And not just because of all the obstacles we'd faced, all the challenges we'd won and all the hurdles we'd overcome to make this celebration happen, but also because our loved ones were there to share the day with us.


Three Favourites from Beauty Without Cruelty

Finding cruelty-free beauty has gotten easier over the years, but compassionate shopping can still be a bit of a jungle - what brands are really cruelty-free, which are vegan and what can I trust? For a new vegan or recently converted cruelty-free shopper, figuring out beauty brands, products and ingredients is one of the trickiest areas of the new lifestyle. This is why brands like Beauty Without Cruelty are so useful. What interested me in the brand at first was the fact that they are so open with their policy - no beating around the bushes and using vague terminology such as 'organic' and other misleading labels here! They're vegan and they're proud. The brand's philosophy is in their name, and every time I shop with them I feel reassured that the product I'm buying is completely free from animal suffering.


Annoying Things that Bloggers Do

I love blogging, otherwise I would never have stuck with it for this long. I love that sense of community, following each other, checking in on one another. I've met two of my best London friends through the internet - that's the power of blogging!


There are a few behaviours that make me hit the 'unfollow' button faster than you can say 'nice post! Follow my blog!' (btw, comments like this are one of those behaviours). In this not at all judgemental post, I hand-picked a few things bloggers should really stop doing.