Review: VeganCuts Beauty Box

I love box delivery services. Whoever came up with the concept of a surprise box of goodies that arrives in the mail every month was a genius - among bills, bank statements and other little nuisances that make opening the post stressful, box delivery services are a welcome pick-me-up. Especially if they're made with love and expertly curated, like the ones available at VeganCuts.

I was lucky to be asked to review VeganCuts' April Beauty Box - a lovely box of goodies containing:

Captain Blankenship Mermaid Salt Sea Spray

Emani Lip Shine

Goddess Garden Organics Sunny Body Natural Sunscreen

Wellinhand Action Remedies Bug-a-Boo

Petal Fresh Scalp Treatment Conditioner

This is the perfect start-of-summer box -  sunscreen, salt spray and even bug repellent! It's clear that VeganCuts HQ is preparing for warmer days, and this box was a welcome reminder that summer is coming.

What I thought:

Captain Blankenship Mermaid Salt Spray: - I loved this! It gave a hint of texture to my hair that's difficult to obtain otherwise. Even my husband kept stealing it! Of course it's not like being on the actual beach (sigh...) but it's a close second!

Emani Lip Shine - when I opened the box my immediate thought was that this colour wasn't for me - it appeared too dark. But it went on soft, muted and natural, lending the perfect polished finish. Now it has a permanent place in my makeup bag.

Goddess Garden Organics Sunny Body Natural Sunscreen - I'm a sunscreen fanatic as my skin is so pale. I love the size of this tube - I can toss it in my bag and reapply when necessary.

Wellinhand Action Remedies Bug-a-Boo - not sure how much I'll be using this as mosquitoes tend to leave me alone anyway, but I'm glad that it lacks the nasty smell of harsh chemicals that I typically associate with this kind of product.

Petal Fresh Scalp Treatment Conditioner - I love tea tree oil. I use it on my skin and sometimes as a shower gel - but this was the first time I've used it in my hair. I don't know if I'll be straying from my usual conditioner in favour of this, but it's definitely refreshing and invigorating.

If it wasn't for the shipping costs from Canada, I think I'd consider signing up for VeganCuts, especially the Beauty Box. It's a great way to get to know new brands, play around with products you haven't used before and, like previously mentioned, it's just nice to have a pick-me-up surprise waiting for you every month. Recommend!

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