Life Updates: My Career Makeover

Just a few short months ago, I was living what could be viewed as a 'cool' life: a job in fashion, an office in a hip London area, fashion event invitations and a stellar salary. I worked in a place where the fridge was always stacked with free food, yoga lessons were free twice a week and the computers were sleek, brand-new Macs. Life was glossy.

But I felt hollow inside. I dragged myself out of bed in the morning and sleepwalked through the day with only the thought of  my side project, Vilda, to keep me going. The hours were excruciatingly long and my head and eyes ached so bad from all that staring at a screen that I couldn't sleep well at night. The commute was a nightmare and it was the first time in my life that I'd failed to make any friends at work. Many days I thought that if I were to leave this job today, the only thing I'd miss were the two office dogs. Even so, these were just minor details compared to how devoid of meaning my job felt (to me - this is a personal reflection and other people might love doing this kind of work, in which case, more power to them). I kept pushing away the constant niggling voice that reminded me that my contribution to the company didn't really matter, and even if it did, all we were doing was sell products. Products we didn't even make. Products that weren't unique, interesting, useful or good for the planet. Call it 'luxury' (how I hate that word), but ultimately it's still just stuff, stuff we don't need.


Review: VeganCuts Beauty Box

I love box delivery services. Whoever came up with the concept of a surprise box of goodies that arrives in the mail every month was a genius - among bills, bank statements and other little nuisances that make opening the post stressful, box delivery services are a welcome pick-me-up. Especially if they're made with love and expertly curated, like the ones available at VeganCuts.


Vegan in Verona: La Lanterna Restaurant

While living in Italy, I often thought about going vegan but the lack of available foods, ingredients and restaurants were an obstacle. I'm not saying these things mean you can't be vegan in Italy - you can and many people are, and were at the time I lived there - but it makes it this much harder. That's why I'm so happy that every time I go back, I find new options for vegans.

Case in point: La Lanterna restaurant in Verona. This cosy eatery with a rustic feel is tucked away just off the centre of this gorgeous, historic town of North Italy. I ended up there on a day trip to Verona to visit my best friend, who lives with his girlfriend in front of the restaurant (lucky them. I'd never eat anywhere else) and offered it as the designated lunch place for the day.