One Bag, Two Ways: BAREL Ethical Luxury

It's a bit uncharacteristic, really, that this blog is called Coffee and Heels because I'm actually more of a bag girl than a shoe one. Most of the items on my 'one day...' fashion wishlists are bags and few fashion purchases have the power to give me the same rush of satisfaction as a new bag. A bag is more than an accessory. It's one of few objects of fashion that is trusted with an actual function - and offering space for one's entire world is no small feat. Therefore, when a bag becomes part of my day-to-day repertoire, it's because I've fallen in love with it.

This green Camera bag was sent to me by the lovely Marta, Creative Director of BAREL Ethical Luxury - an Italian brand that unites the comfort of a truly luxurious material with a sustainable, kind philosophy.

The first thing that I noticed when unwrapping the bag was its texture - the difference between BAREL's creations and other vegan bags is that the surface is suede-like, with a softer feel than most other faux leathers. It's surprisingly resistant - I've carried this bag in the rain (albeit rather light rain) several times and it shows no signs of being affected.

The above photo was taken on a rather chilly day in March and I love the way the green of the bag plays off the colour of the bushes in the background! Versatile and easy to match, this is a bag for any weather.

This bag is more spacious than it seems - I can comfortably fit my wallet, phone, keys, makeup bag and small earphones in there. It's lightweight and adds a touch of interest to my outfits that my go-to black bags fail to bring.

The above photo was shot last week in the park, proving that this bag can be effortlessly paired with a cold-weather look as well as a spring outfit. Plus, it's also a carefree complement to evening ensembles. Or is that just because I tend to spend my evenings in rather casual establishments? I pair it with floaty skirts, structured dresses and distressed jeans alike, finding that it always adds that little something extra.

Check out BAREL's shop for more eco-friendly, vegan designs - crafted from strong, lightweight and biodegradable materials such as Mycro and eco-chamois, these styles are made more special by their metallic finish. The Camera bag also comes in black and burgundy (trust me, the choice was anything but easy!).

Stay tuned for more photos with a different design from BAREL Ethical Luxury.

This post has sponsored content. All photos by David Camilli.

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