Behind the Scenes at a Vilda Photo Shoot!

I am so excited to announce that Vilda has shot its very first fashion editorial!

Directed by our Marketing Coordinator Anja Lastric (see her blog Oh Angie here), who is also responsible for the rather stunning hair and makeup, this shoot features gorgeous model Nanna captured by photographer Linn Gullberg in the 'Meat Village' district of Copenhagen (how fitting!). The behind-the-scenes post is now live here - stay tuned for the full editorial featuring some amazing vegan fashion!

It's truly mind-blowing to me to see this all come together - how crazy is it that a brand from the US sends clothing to Denmark for a Swedish photographer to shoot and the photos end up in my computer in London, published to a magazine I started? I'm bursting with pride.

Photographer Linn sent over a lovely behind-the-scenes video of the day, take a look!

I will keep you posted on when the editorial goes live - super excited!


  1. looking forward to see the editorial!

  2. questo di Patti Smith è nella mia wish list http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/341879.Just_Kids

  3. Assolutamente!! Appena torna nella mia biblioteca lo prendo.

  4. non ci conosciamo ma sono così orgogliosa di te, BRAVA!


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