Vegan in Stockholm: StrÅ Juice Bar, Åhléns City

Since I went vegan, discovering new places to eat is one of my favourite things to do. I love exploring new menus and sampling new delicacies. Especially so in my home town of Stockholm, which, as I discover every time I go back, is becoming more and more vegan-friendly.

Case in point: juice bar StrÅ, a refreshing raw-food hotspot that recently opened in Åhléns City, one of Stockholm's biggest department stores (the name is Swedish for 'straw', but with a capital final Å for Åhléns. The Å is not an A, but is pronounce more like an 'o' sound).

This is not an all-vegan bar (they also carry fish chicken wraps), nor is it a food-focused establishment (the only lunch-worthy thing on the menu are, in fact, the wraps), but it is what it says on the tin: a juice bar. One that also features raw-food snacks, tea and coffee, and breakfast. StrÅ is completely free from lactose and has a menu that relies heavily on superfoods such as Goji berries.

I had a wrap with red rice, lentils and veggies, which was pure delight. I loved the little hint of fruity mango and the zingy flavour of coriander. I also got a spinach and ginger juice that was perfect - often when I get a ginger juice, the amount of ginger is barely noticeable. I loved the fact that StrÅ really went heavy on the ginger, a flavour I adore!

A city oasis for the health-freak foodie, StrÅ provides a refreshing take on 'fast food' - relaxing here after a day of shopping is pure Saturday bliss. Only, if slight, critique: I personally can't stand long tables where you're squashed in with people you don't know. That alone is enough to make me skip a certain place. Small tables, and this would have gotten top marks.

All info I could find for StrÅ is in Swedish - if that's a language you read, find out more here.

Photos by my sister Sofie Eklund


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