Let's Try This Again: Vegan Biker Boots

As some of you might have noticed, my old post on vegan biker boots was robbed of all its photos when Blogger merged with Google+ (smart move, Blogger. It's stuff like this that makes people pay crazy sums to have someone move their blogs to Wordpress), but since there are so many amazing faux-leather biker boots out there, I just can't resist.

The thing about biker boots is that...they are amazing. They're that perfect rock-chic twist that makes your outfit go from bland to edgy. Supremely comfortable and most often very resistant, they're the perfect answer to cold and/or rainy weather...but also offer that directional contrast to floral dresses. Ah, I could go on about them forever. And I have - I talked about my pair here - I still have them, a few of the studs have fallen off, which I quite like, as it give the boot a lived-in look.

What to wear with biker boots? I often pair them with my winter coat, my faux fur or my contrasting gray faux-leather jacket. I love teaming them with a floral skirt.

What to NOT wear them with? A midi skirt. They completely ruin the line and the two larger strong shapes create too much bulk together.

Where to get them? See below.

From left: Cri De Coeur - MooShoes - Vegetarian Shoes

Photos from streetfsn.com - fashionscene.nl - stockholmstreetstyle.com - Pinterest


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