Things I Love Books: How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are

I got this book from the library because a Vilda writer had included it in a Christmas gift special we did this year, not expecting much. I had never had the cult of Paris, or New York for that matter - they're stunning, amazing, atmosphere-filled cities, but, with all due respect, IMHO they both fade in comparison to London. Even so I must admit that Parisian women are very chic - at least those that I have met in person - and do have that nonchalantly, naturally dishevelled stylish appeal. I expected to find a bunch of style dos and don'ts and have a laugh. What I didn't expect was to find one of my new favourite fashion books.

This book, written by four Parisienne friends, is a well-written and entertaining read that busts the "French women don't get fat" and "French kids don't cry" stereotypes with aplomb, blending fashion tips with advice on how to host a dinner party and "make him believe you have a lover". It's tongue-in-cheek, unpretentious, un-serious, stylish and funny.

What I love about this book is that it doesn't teach perfection. There's no "be perfectly groomed" advice (although I wasn't crazy about the chapter on nudity, saying "if you don't like your breasts...well, do something about them. In the meantime, opt of sexual positions lying on your back") or tips on how to hide your true self from the world, which is something most style books rely heavily on. It's irreverent and quirky - something that all style icons should be.

Parisienne how-tos to take away and follow slavishly:

No UGGs (enough said).

Say no to fake designer bags (like fake breasts, you can't fix your insecurities through forgery).

Travel to the provinces for work. Swear not to live there.

Be financially independent, so you love only for love.

Don't have a lip augmentation. It makes you look like a duck.

Life rules:

...and my favourite, the living contradiction (aside from the cheese pizza, this IS me)

Plus, there's no denying the four authors know what they're talking about - I believe more or less all thinking women aspire to be as chic as Audrey Diwan:

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  1. Sono stata a Parigi poco prima di Natale, l'ho cercato ovunque, non l'ho trovato da nessuna parte, eppure lo voglio comprare, sembra essere così carino... :)
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