2015 Resolution: Vow to Clean Up Cruelty

We're moving into a new year, and as resolutions are made, most of them are about getting into shape, moving ahead in your career, quitting smoking or other vows that are meant to make your life better. But what about, if for once we make a resolution that will make the world a better place? That might sound huge, but baby steps like substituting your cleaning products can make a huge difference. After a successful cruelty-free cosmetics campaign, Cruelty-Free International is now vowing to clean up cruelty in the household.

When we think "cruelty-free", we often think "cosmetics" right away. But animals are, sadly, used for experiments in several other areas, including household products. Hamsters, rats and mice are repeatedly gassed, injected, force-fed and killed to test household cleaning ingredients - yeah, I know. Read more here.

Cruelty Free International is the first global non-profit campaign to end animal testing in cosmetics, leading the successful campaign to ban animal testing in the EU. Now, they're setting out to end animal testing for household products - something the UK government promised to ban in 2011 - a step that would mean that not only the finished item but also the ingredients that go into making the cleaning product could not be tested on animals, save the lives of countless living creatures.

Yet, the years pass (it's 2015, guys!) and animals are still tortured for cleaning products.

What can you do?
First of all - never shop cleaning products that have been tested on animals. How to know if the products you use have been tested? It's easy: 1. if the packaging doesn't mention anything about animal testing, in my experience it has almost definitely been tested on animals. 2. Just like with cosmetics, look for the Leaping Bunny logo.

On the GoCrueltyFree website, you can search for products and labels that sell cruelty-free and vegan cleaning products. Along with brands that are purely eco, you can also find big retailers like Marks and Spencer and the Co-operative (I checked for the UK as this is where I live, but you can search your own country and also find brands available online).

Another big step you can take is pledge to Clean Up Cruelty at home and in your workplace by only using Leaping Bunny certified brands while Cruelty Free International continues to call on the government to stop these cruel and unnecessary tests.

Find out more about taking the pledge here:  http://bit.ly/18uQeNE

Follow Cruelty Free International on Twitter: @crueltyfreeintl and Facebook: facebook.com/CrueltyFreeInternational

post in collaboration with Cruelty Free International

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