I Love Girls, But it's Just Not Realistic

Girls is one of my favorite TV shows. It's spontaneous, well-written and two episodes in a go is nowhere near enough - I wish it could just go on, like  one of those annoyingly long movies, but one that you actually want to watch. I find Lena Dunham to be one of the very few truly genius people that currently occupy our cultural landscape. Her book Not That Kind of Girl was clever, honest, irreverent and masterfully written.

Even so, I have a problem with the way this show is marketed. At the time of the hype for season one, I remember it being advertised as "the realistic version of Sex and the City" and yes, it does have some things in common with our favourite glamorous quartet - the show's about a writer chick and her three BFFs living in New York City. But the "realistic" part is, as far as I'm concerned, completely taken out of thin air.


Common Misconceptions About Working in Fashion

I must admit, I had a few myself. Be it the Devil Wears Prada effect, or that time when Carrie Bradshaw was torn to pieces by the ruthless editor at VOGUE ("nobody cares about your agenda") - there are certain ideas rooted in people's minds about what "working in fashion" must be like. Myths that make little girls go starry-eyed quicker than you can say "magazine internship". Myths that make my parents sneer with disapproval and my friends sigh in envy, thinking I swan around LFW all day (nothing could be farther from the truth). After six years in the industry, with stints in three different countries, here I am busting a few myths and setting a few things straight.


Things I Love Books: How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are

I got this book from the library because a Vilda writer had included it in a Christmas gift special we did this year, not expecting much. I had never had the cult of Paris, or New York for that matter - they're stunning, amazing, atmosphere-filled cities, but, with all due respect, IMHO they both fade in comparison to London. Even so I must admit that Parisian women are very chic - at least those that I have met in person - and do have that nonchalantly, naturally dishevelled stylish appeal. I expected to find a bunch of style dos and don'ts and have a laugh. What I didn't expect was to find one of my new favourite fashion books.


2015 Resolution: Vow to Clean Up Cruelty

We're moving into a new year, and as resolutions are made, most of them are about getting into shape, moving ahead in your career, quitting smoking or other vows that are meant to make your life better. But what about, if for once we make a resolution that will make the world a better place? That might sound huge, but baby steps like substituting your cleaning products can make a huge difference. After a successful cruelty-free cosmetics campaign, Cruelty-Free International is now vowing to clean up cruelty in the household.