My 2015

Another year is coming to an end, and what a year it's been. After the whirlwind of 2014, I was expecting this to be a calm year, one of mindfulness and reflection...instead, another rollercoaster year came along!


Vegan Christmas Dinner at The Gate

One of the reasons why I'm happy I'm not a freelancer any more are office Christmas parties! I know that some of you dread yours, and truly understand how annoying it must be to have to spend an evening with people whom you dislike and are already forced to see every day. But I love my team and always look forward work outings...especially if they are held somewhere as nice as The Gate in Islington.


Lucky in London

This week I took a few days off work to welcome a friend and her sister to stay in our flat while enjoying a few days in (sunny and unusually warm) London. They went to the theatre, shopped at Harrods and then we were off for a Christmas lights tour of the centre of the city. This morning, we showed them around our lovely area before they flew back home to Stockholm.


All I Want for Christmas

Note to readers: this is a completely dream-based, unrealistic wishlist. I completely accept that, come Christmas Day, not many of these presents will actually have found their way under my tree. I can read and I have seen the price tags on some of this stuff.
But, at Christmas, we are all allowed to dream, and I am known among friends and family for my vivid imagination. So, here goes, my festive favourites #agirlcandream

I love this brand so much - ByBlanch is the answer to every vegan fashionista's prayers. The Offshore Black design is literally The Perfect Shoe. I dare you to pair this with anything in your closet and guarantee that it will look on point.


What Is Extreme?

A common point of view is looking at veganism as 'extreme'. Cutting out so many things that most of us grew up eating is considered a huge step. 'What do you eat?' is a question many vegans face as their omnivore friends and family envision, somewhat horrified, a life without lasagnas, ice cream and burgers. Newsflash: we eat all those things. But what really makes it easy to relate to veganism is understanding where it comes from. Watching the videos, reading the information, understanding the empathy and compassion behind it. The bottom line of veganism is that we don't want to hurt living beings. That's as normal, natural and non-extreme as it can get.


Jared Leto on Paris Tragedy

Watching this on repeat. So, so beautiful and heartfelt.

Nothing to add. Just love.


Cooking in Heels: Tofurky Roast

I should really stop naming these posts 'Cooking in Heels', as David doesn't wear heels while he cooks - and he's the one doing the cooking around here.
This week, we had the chance to try a Tofurky roast - a delicious tofu roast stuffed with wild rice.

Despite me being vegan for three years and David being almost-vegan for as long, we had never eaten, let alone cooked, anything like this, so it's safe to say we were both curious!


LaRitzy Vegan Beauty Box Review

I'm always on the hunt for awesome cruelty-free beauty, so when I was contacted by a brand-new, animal-friendly beauty business and offered to try out their goods, I was so excited.
Cruelty-free beauty box service LaRitzy was founded by Gurmeet Tagore and Emily David, two animal lovers who teamed up to offer conscious shoppers a way to discover luxurious, indulgent beauty products that don't harm animals. Emily and Gurmeet share their home with three puppies, so learning more about the reality of animal testing was heartbreaking for them - but it also gave them the push they needed to start LaRitzy.


Social Media and Self-Esteem: My Two Cents

Unless you've been living under a rock, you can't have missed model/Instagram star Essena O'Neill declaring that she was quitting social media and revealing the truth behind her perfectly posed, carefully edited photos.

I wrote an Editor's Letter on Vilda a month or so ago,  talking about this very subject: how we edit our lives online to look more interesting, more glamorous, more fun. Or, as I do, just post the beautiful bits - that are doubtlessly real, but they're not the whole story.


Autumn in Hampstead Heath

Last week I was having a working lunch, when my lovely work contact casually asked what I was up to this weekend. Knowing that Saturday was going to be sunny, I said, 'oh, we might go to Hampstead Heath - we've lived in London three years and never been!'. She almost dropped her fork, and she wasn't the first one to have that reaction: when living in London for as long as we have, failing to visit Hampstead is considered nothing short of a crime. And now I understand why.


Office Style with Barel Ethical Luxury

In my world, 'dressing for the office' has always been this abstract concept that didn't really apply to me: in the plethora of professional positions I have held, from nursery nurse and cruise-ship cleaning lady to TV series actress, hotel entertainer and fashion editor, working attire has looked wildly different each time, never really falling into that stereotypical category of 'skirt suit and heels'.
But then I hit my thirties, found a career I'm really passionate about, and now I feel that my wardrobe should reflect my new attitude towards my professional path, all while retaining my individuality. Which is quite easy with a statement accessory such as the Cartella bag from BAREL Ethical Luxury.


Moscow, 26 Years Later

I was six years old when I got on the sleeper train and then ferry that would take me away from the city where I was born. The memories are a blurry haze in my mind now, but as a contrast to my giddy excitement, I remember my mother crying. I didn't realise back then that her tears were farewell tears - what I didn't know was that we were never coming back.
The memory of Moscow faded from my mind, erased by the impressions of my new life: a new language, new friends, a new street to live on, then yet another, and another. I grew up hungry for new destinations, never looking back. When questioned over never having returned to my birthplace, I replied that when it was time, the opportunity to go back would present itself. And this month, it did.


Why it's Time to Stop Making Body Image a Female Issue

Let me tell you one thing: I love fitness bloggers. I'm a bit addicted to their yoga selfies, their fresh-faced post-workout Instagram updates and their ability to spur me on when I'm too lazy to peel my butt of the sofa, put on some yoga pants and get to work. I appreciate fitness bloggers for reminding me that strong is the new skinny, that working out will make me feel stronger and more energetic, and how radiant and healthy I'll be if I get over my laziness and get moving.
Some days, depending on how I'm feeling, I'll look at my stomach after a workout and think, 'damn, that's some killer abs!'. Other days, I'll glance at my thighs while changing out of my yoga pants and go, 'wow, those things are gigantic'.
But once I am done working out and done looking at Instagram, I am fully and completely capable of putting my phone away, changing back into my pyjamas and going about my day without a second thought to whether I can hold plank position for longer than a minute, and how my butt looks while I'm doing it.
And apparently, mainstream media deems me incapable of doing so.


Deep Blue Sea: Six Days in Malta

So, despite my not-too-deep-pockets, I managed to go on holiday this year too. And, as we try to do as often as we can, we visited a place we've never been before: Malta.
You don't hear people talk about Malta that often. Think about it: your friends have possibly been to Spain, Greece, even Thailand, but have they been to Malta? For a sunny, warm, beach-rich island, Malta certainly has some bad PR. After six days on this Mediterranean island, I've come to the conclusion that this state of obscurity that Malta finds itself in is, frankly, undeserved.


Brief Moments of Swedish Summer

I have a million reasons to go home to Sweden: family, friends, food...wait, those are just about it. However, weather is pretty much never a reason. Every time I jump on a plane to my home town, I brace myself for chilly times, especially when the weather at home in London is anything but dreamy.

Imagine my surprise this weekend, when I stepped off the plane into a breezy, balmy evening that, come next morning, turned into the most perfect summer's day - or make that three days.


On Style Icons

I can think of few terms as abused as 'style icon'. Coined to describe a timeless representation of elegance and personality so effortlessly rolled into one, the phrase has come to be thrown haphazardly at any fashion blogger, teen model or half-naked vampire-film franchise star. Being famous, beautiful, successful is not enough anymore - with teams of stylists and publicists vying to make their protegées the 'next big thing', icon status is bestowed upon everyone from Emma Watson to Kim Kardashian. Often, this label is given to those who manage to dress in a much-emulated way: if at any given season (and 'season' is another of those words. These days a season lasts but a couple of months) 'everyone' is wearing the same jeans as Gigi Hadid, she will without a doubt be dubbed a fashion icon in the next glossy magazine feature.


Things I Look Forward to Right Now

Going back to Sweden to meet my newborn niece, Olivia, and seeing my sisters again. And, of course, the rest of my family. And my friends. And the cats (got everyone now, I hope).

Reading the rest of my copy of Vegan Good Life magazine.

Jetting off to Malta at the end of August.

Going to the Brixton Splash next weekend.

Listening to the new Muse album from beginning to end.

Visiting VegFest in October!

Sitting in a nice pub with my nice friend and having a nice drink on Wednesday evening.

Visiting this cool yoga studio in my area.

Trying this amazingly easy-to-veganise pain au chocolat recipe.

Watching Humans this evening - it's my new TV series addiction.

For this crap weather to stop - we've got one month of summer left and I might be a fool, but I'm hoping it will be a sunny, indulgent one to prepare us for the merciless chill of British autumn and winter. Happy new week everyone!


Seven Reasons to Love Skinny Bitch

I recently borrowed Skinny Bitch at work after having wanted to read it for ages. This book, a diet lifestyle guide by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin, is the wake-up call many vegans needed to finally make the switch. These two ladies tell it like is, and that's what I love about them - no swear words are spared, political correctness is thrown out of the window and misconceptions that most of us grew up with get a good butt-kicking. I am 100% a fan - here's why:

1. This book portrays the meat and dairy industries exactly as they are.
Oh, if only all bitches were like the Skinny Bitches! The writers are anything but bitchy. They are compassionate, savvy and conscious. The chapter that refers to meat as 'rotting, decomposing flesh' is what drew me to the book in the first place - finally, a diet book that tells the truth! It opens your eyes, even if, like me, you've been a vegan for years. The You Are What You Eat chapter lifts the lid on the cruelty of these industries, pointing out that nothing that came from cruelty, fear, anger, torture, pain and anxiety can ever be healthy.

2. This book KILLS all the excuses.
I love how Rory and Kim shoot down all the excuses not to be healthy by calling them pathetic and reminding you that YOU should be your top priority. Have no time? Make time. It's that simple. Penniless as I am and have always been, I'm usually quick to jump at the 'but I can't afford to eat well' excuse. But guess what. Since I stopped hitting Starbucks every two days and re-discovered the office coffee machine, I all of a sudden found myself in the possession of the £3 I needed to buy fruit, the healthiest snack ever. So there. There is no excuse for making excuses.



...and just like that, I'm an aunt again.

She arrived yesterday, more eagerly awaited than summer itself, this little July child with dark hair and the tiniest hands I've ever seen. There is nothing like the birth of a baby to make us all remember how straightforwardly wonderful life is, in the end. Landing in the loving arms of my sister and her husband, Olivia brought the sunshine.

Being an aunt is a very special experience, one that I first discovered last year and I was surprised at how quickly it becomes part of your identity. Both of my nieces are still really young (well, one was literally born yesterday!) but seeing Elise's personality develop is such an adventure - even from afar. I can't wait to see how Olivia's will turn out. I can't wait to find out what will make her laugh, what she will be curious about, what her dreams will be. I can't wait to spoil her with gifts. I can't wait to see her twirl around in dresses, climb trees, discover new toys, say her first word. I can't wait to watch her explore the world. I can't wait to be the aunt she deserves. If I ever can.


Life's Mysteries: How Do Travel Bloggers Do It?

If I may say so myself, at the moment my life is pretty great. I'm married to the man I love and we live in a fantastic city. I have a great job dedicated to saving animals and I run my own online magazine. And I can eat cupcakes without gaining weight. Life is pretty sweet. But nevertheless there are certain categories of people that I will always be insanely jealous of. Case in point: travel bloggers.

These sunkissed creatures with an eternal smile (or staring-into-far-away-lands gaze) on their faces, long hair swooshing in the wind, tattos of feathers or birds or the word 'dream' decorating their super-toned and perpetually sundress-clad physiques, that somehow never seem to be travelling to icy or windy destinations and never EVER find themselves anywhere it might rain. Their Dior sunglasses only come off at #dusk - a perfect time to Instagram that chilled glass of wine next to the perfectly laid out dinner plate on a white terrace overlooking the sea. Their luggage is always neatly organised into Louis Vuitton carryalls and their hair has not frizzed ever in the history of mankind. All they eat is raw fruit and their bananas are never brown or greenish like mine. Every time they take a swim in the sea, they are mysteriously on their own in the perfectly turquoise water - no beer-bellied tourists playing ball with their noisy kids in the background. Alternating sandy beaches with city skylines, no one awakens my envy quite the way that travel bloggers can. Scrolling through their magazine-perfect Instagram accounts, one single thought comes to mind: how the hell do they do it?


Birthday Presents

Remember when you were a kid and the main reason why you looked forward to your birthday was that magical moment when you tore the wrapping paper off your presents? Well, I've never really grown out of it. I never expect presents, but when I get them, I'm childishly excited.

My most recent birthday saw me unwrap a variety of gifts. The first, mainly because it arrived one day early, was this pair of mules from ASOS. I fell in love with them at first sight, but was slightly worried about them being uncomfortable - which they absolutely aren't. I wore them to my birthday dinner and I've worn them to work, and they feel great.


Birthday Dinner at Amico Bio

I LOVE my birthday.

I hear about people falling out of love with celebrating their birthdays as they get older, but for me, 21 June is an occasion to take a moment and appreciate how lucky I am. My husband, friends, family. My job and side projects. My city. And simply the fact that I'm still here, for another year, happy and healthy - not something to take for granted.

Every year on my birthday I try to do something new, try new things or go to places I've never been before (last year my birthday was the last day of our honeymoon and we went to Amalfi!). I find it's a good way to stay youthful :)


One Year of Love

A year ago today, I woke up to blinding sunshine. Which was a bit misleading, since this cheerful weather was accompanied by one of the fiercest winds in recent memory. But somehow, watching my friends and family wrap themselves in blankets and complain of the cold, I didn't even feel a chill.

It sounds so cliché to say that your wedding was the happiest day of your life. But it truly was. And not just because of all the obstacles we'd faced, all the challenges we'd won and all the hurdles we'd overcome to make this celebration happen, but also because our loved ones were there to share the day with us.


Three Favourites from Beauty Without Cruelty

Finding cruelty-free beauty has gotten easier over the years, but compassionate shopping can still be a bit of a jungle - what brands are really cruelty-free, which are vegan and what can I trust? For a new vegan or recently converted cruelty-free shopper, figuring out beauty brands, products and ingredients is one of the trickiest areas of the new lifestyle. This is why brands like Beauty Without Cruelty are so useful. What interested me in the brand at first was the fact that they are so open with their policy - no beating around the bushes and using vague terminology such as 'organic' and other misleading labels here! They're vegan and they're proud. The brand's philosophy is in their name, and every time I shop with them I feel reassured that the product I'm buying is completely free from animal suffering.


Annoying Things that Bloggers Do

I love blogging, otherwise I would never have stuck with it for this long. I love that sense of community, following each other, checking in on one another. I've met two of my best London friends through the internet - that's the power of blogging!


There are a few behaviours that make me hit the 'unfollow' button faster than you can say 'nice post! Follow my blog!' (btw, comments like this are one of those behaviours). In this not at all judgemental post, I hand-picked a few things bloggers should really stop doing.


Life Updates: My Career Makeover

Just a few short months ago, I was living what could be viewed as a 'cool' life: a job in fashion, an office in a hip London area, fashion event invitations and a stellar salary. I worked in a place where the fridge was always stacked with free food, yoga lessons were free twice a week and the computers were sleek, brand-new Macs. Life was glossy.

But I felt hollow inside. I dragged myself out of bed in the morning and sleepwalked through the day with only the thought of  my side project, Vilda, to keep me going. The hours were excruciatingly long and my head and eyes ached so bad from all that staring at a screen that I couldn't sleep well at night. The commute was a nightmare and it was the first time in my life that I'd failed to make any friends at work. Many days I thought that if I were to leave this job today, the only thing I'd miss were the two office dogs. Even so, these were just minor details compared to how devoid of meaning my job felt (to me - this is a personal reflection and other people might love doing this kind of work, in which case, more power to them). I kept pushing away the constant niggling voice that reminded me that my contribution to the company didn't really matter, and even if it did, all we were doing was sell products. Products we didn't even make. Products that weren't unique, interesting, useful or good for the planet. Call it 'luxury' (how I hate that word), but ultimately it's still just stuff, stuff we don't need.


Review: VeganCuts Beauty Box

I love box delivery services. Whoever came up with the concept of a surprise box of goodies that arrives in the mail every month was a genius - among bills, bank statements and other little nuisances that make opening the post stressful, box delivery services are a welcome pick-me-up. Especially if they're made with love and expertly curated, like the ones available at VeganCuts.


Vegan in Verona: La Lanterna Restaurant

While living in Italy, I often thought about going vegan but the lack of available foods, ingredients and restaurants were an obstacle. I'm not saying these things mean you can't be vegan in Italy - you can and many people are, and were at the time I lived there - but it makes it this much harder. That's why I'm so happy that every time I go back, I find new options for vegans.

Case in point: La Lanterna restaurant in Verona. This cosy eatery with a rustic feel is tucked away just off the centre of this gorgeous, historic town of North Italy. I ended up there on a day trip to Verona to visit my best friend, who lives with his girlfriend in front of the restaurant (lucky them. I'd never eat anywhere else) and offered it as the designated lunch place for the day.


One Bag, Two Ways: BAREL Ethical Luxury

It's a bit uncharacteristic, really, that this blog is called Coffee and Heels because I'm actually more of a bag girl than a shoe one. Most of the items on my 'one day...' fashion wishlists are bags and few fashion purchases have the power to give me the same rush of satisfaction as a new bag. A bag is more than an accessory. It's one of few objects of fashion that is trusted with an actual function - and offering space for one's entire world is no small feat. Therefore, when a bag becomes part of my day-to-day repertoire, it's because I've fallen in love with it.

This green Camera bag was sent to me by the lovely Marta, Creative Director of BAREL Ethical Luxury - an Italian brand that unites the comfort of a truly luxurious material with a sustainable, kind philosophy.


Cooking in Heels: Cheap and Easy Vegan Brownies

Disclaimer: this is not a food blog for a reason! I have never followed a recipe in my life and I have no idea about measurements and quantities - I just whack it in there and taste my way to (mostly) satisfying results. So, this is not an actual recipe. Just something to get inspired by and try out.

This is my go-to dessert for when I have no money but am craving something sweet (which is all the time). This is the quickest, easiest and cheapest recipe I've ever tried and it's always proven a success.


Who Made My Clothes? Coffee and Heels + OUTSIDER Fashion

When I first started working on 'veganising' my wardrobe, I must admit I paid little attention to ethics other than animal-free materials. I was beyond happy to find out I could keep shopping my favourite high-street styles while staying vegan. Primark is full of faux leather shoes - brilliant. Zara's polyester blouses? Amazing. I kept whizzing through shop after shop, filling up my carrier bags, not giving a second thought to where my clothes came from - and who made them.


Earth Day event by Bourgeois Boheme at Fashion Conscience shop

As part of yesterday's Earth Day celebration, I was invited to the Fashion Conscience shop in East Dulwich for the presentation of the new Bourgeois Boheme collection of gorgeous vegan shoes.

I'm sure any vegan will agree with me that the choice of amazing cruelty-free shoes has really skyrocketed over the past few years. All of a sudden, we're spoiled for choice, and some of the most innovative brands are popping up close to home, as is the case with BoBoheme, a London brand offering colourful and utterly wearable cruelty-free shoes steeped in the philosophy of Slow Fashion - these are shoes that are built to last.


Behind the Scenes at a Vilda Photo Shoot!

I am so excited to announce that Vilda has shot its very first fashion editorial!

Directed by our Marketing Coordinator Anja Lastric (see her blog Oh Angie here), who is also responsible for the rather stunning hair and makeup, this shoot features gorgeous model Nanna captured by photographer Linn Gullberg in the 'Meat Village' district of Copenhagen (how fitting!). The behind-the-scenes post is now live here - stay tuned for the full editorial featuring some amazing vegan fashion!


Why Being Vegan is Easy

It always blows my mind when I am confronted with how little people actually know about veganism. Although all the information is out there, dated stereotypes are alive and well, rearing their ugly head every time someone you know utters a sentence like 'it's just so HARD to go vegan', or 'I would love to be a vegan but it's just so difficult to eat out.' Since there is clearly a lot of preconceptions circulating that don't appear to be coming from the right sources, as a vegan, I'm here to clarify one thing: being vegan is easy.


Two Music-Themed Books I Loved Recently

So far, this has been the year of reading extremely quickly.

When looking at my Goodreads account, I can count no less than nine books read in 2015 - not counting nonfiction books on fashion, sustainability and veganism - can you tell that I'm broke and have no money for magazines? 

All jokes aside, two of my favourite books recently have been centered heavily around music. The first is an autobiography - Clothes, Clothes, Clothes, Music, Music, Music, Boys, Boys by Viv Albertine, guitarist in one of the first female punk bands in the world, the Slits. Thoroughly honest and very well written, this book kicks off at Viv's teenage years in a quite depressing part of London, when she falls in love with rock n'roll upon hearing a Beatles song and has no clue how she, as a girl, can be part of that world. It doesn't cross her mind that girls can be punk musicians.


Moving to London: But I Have No Money

I get many emails asking me for tips on how to move to London. I tend to be very encouraging, partly because of this and partly because I genuinely believe that moving to London is very doable for most people. But, and this is an important but, this city is far from easy (or welcoming!) and I'm not here to let people believe that moving here is all kittens, roses and Starbucks frappuccinos.

To get an accurate view of how London life can be, see this. Making it here is difficult and the day-to-day battles can be soul-destroying, no matter what your definition of 'making it' is. London life is incredibly rewarding, but getting to the rewards can take time, sweat and evenings spent crying on your couch in the cold because you can't afford the heating bill. And on that note, I'm here to answer a question that has been asked in several emails and comments: can I move to London with no money? 


The Bucket Bag

I'm loving the 70s trend this summer - finally I can rock my flared jeans again with pride (not that I ever stopped, not even when skinnies and boyfriends were all the rage), although I draw my limit at high-waisted. The best accessory to match with your flares? A bucket bag.

Preferably in black or a neutral shade, the bucket bag is the accessory that has the potential to transform your look, pulling it together in an instant, whether it's paired with smart separates or weekend casuals. See for yourself:


A Weekend in Oxford

Having lived in London for two and a half years, you get used to thinking that 'this is England' - then you venture outside London and notice the true feel of the 'English' - the architecture, the old feel of the pubs, the historic atmosphere and the grass that shines green, even when the skies are heavy with gray.


You Will Never Make It

I went to fashion school, and it's not half as creative as it sounds. 

Knowing that I wanted to work in fashion but certain that I wasn't a designer, I jumped on the only then-available option: marketing. As fascinating and interesting as I find marketing, I now spend my days wishing I'd studied journalism or literature instead. But what's done is done and at least I have a few stories to tell. 

One of these stories see me back on the day when a fashion journalist came to speak to our class. I couldn't wait: my passion for writing in combination with an endless curiosity and a love for magazines that bordered on the obsessive had made it clear: once university was over, I was going to be a fashion writer. Nothing was going to stop me. Or so I thought.

On the day of the fashion journalist's lecture, I sat in the front row of the class, ready with my notepad and my questions. In she came, a middle-aged lady with dyed hair and bright lipstick. She had the look of someone who'd seen it all - a life full of fashion wisdom to share. 


Vegan in Stockholm: StrÅ Juice Bar, Åhléns City

Since I went vegan, discovering new places to eat is one of my favourite things to do. I love exploring new menus and sampling new delicacies. Especially so in my home town of Stockholm, which, as I discover every time I go back, is becoming more and more vegan-friendly.

Case in point: juice bar StrÅ, a refreshing raw-food hotspot that recently opened in Åhléns City, one of Stockholm's biggest department stores (the name is Swedish for 'straw', but with a capital final Å for Åhléns. The Å is not an A, but is pronounce more like an 'o' sound).


When Love Takes Over

The weird thing about going on holiday to your home town is that feeling that time slows down as you're brought face to face with the pure, unadorned realities that you know and love. There are no fancy hotels. No new sights to see. No sunny shores (instead, a rather depressing gray and drizzly Swedish spring landscape). Just a familiar feeling of comfort and warmth, blended softly with the scent of cardamon coffee.


Films I Watched in 2015, So Far

Okay, so I didn't fall in love with all of them. But these eight movies definitely are worth a watch.

The Place Beyond the Pines - just gorgeous. Absolute perfection. Okay, I'll stop talking about Ryan Gosling (his character in this film is pretty much my ideal man) and focus on the actual movie. The story has a subtle power, the acting is perfectly fine-tuned (especially the young actors, both of whom really impressed me) and the direction is so good that I was surprised this movie hadn't had more buzz.  Aside from the obvious - hello, Ryan Gosling AND Bradley Cooper? In the same film? - it also touches on the very interesting theme of guilt, exploring it beautifully. I absolutely recommend this film. Grade: 9.5


Vegan in London: The Godfather Pizzeria

Since we moved to Crystal Palace in August, we've been busy exploring the area. It's not very big, but it's so packed with amazing shops, restaurants and cafés that, months later, we're still discovering new places we love. One of them is the recently opened Godfather pizzeria (sadly they have no website - at least not one that Google has been able to lead me to - but you can find them at 64 Westow Hill).


H&M Conscious Exclusive, Starring Olivia Wilde

First things first: this is, among other things, an ethical fashion blog, so if a high-street brand has an ethical initiative, I am going to write about it. Especially if it's a brand that's single-handedly responsible for 90% of my wardrobe. I realise many people don't agree with this, I see why that is and the only item of clothing I have bought in all of 2015 is an organic Tencel dress from a small, sustainable label. But I will still support high-street brands that try to implement ethical thinking into their processes. 

So, photos of the newest offering of H&M's Conscious Exclusive Collection just came out, starring the lovely Olivia Wilde, co-founder of Conscious Commerce. Shot by Lachlan Bailey and styled by Ludivine Poiblanc, the campaign pictures Olivia wearing elegant yet easy-to-wear pieces in eco fabrics such as hemp, organic cotton, organic linen and Tencel, among others (the collection is not 100% vegan). Featuring hand-drawn prints and  recycled sequins, this is a collection that, at least in my opinion, proves that the high street can indeed be sustainable.


Moving to London? Don't Listen to These Stories

When you make the decision to finally move to this crazy, messy and wonderful city, you might find yourself tuning in to all kinds of voices: the ones that tell you that everything will be amazing, that it's about time you went, that your whole life will dramatically improve once you're here...and the ones that tell you to abandon this stupid idea, that London is only for rich kids, that you will never make it and will end up crawling back home in a month.

Neither of these extremes is true, and it's imperative not to trust these voices blindly when taking a step as huge as moving to a new city.

Here's why, and what will (probably) await you instead.


Let's Try This Again: Vegan Biker Boots

As some of you might have noticed, my old post on vegan biker boots was robbed of all its photos when Blogger merged with Google+ (smart move, Blogger. It's stuff like this that makes people pay crazy sums to have someone move their blogs to Wordpress), but since there are so many amazing faux-leather biker boots out there, I just can't resist.

The thing about biker boots is that...they are amazing. They're that perfect rock-chic twist that makes your outfit go from bland to edgy. Supremely comfortable and most often very resistant, they're the perfect answer to cold and/or rainy weather...but also offer that directional contrast to floral dresses. Ah, I could go on about them forever. And I have - I talked about my pair here - I still have them, a few of the studs have fallen off, which I quite like, as it give the boot a lived-in look.


Things I Don't Do

I borrowed this list from one of my favourite Swedish blogs, Nio Till Fem

Here are all the things I (practically) never do.

I don't iron, hardly ever. When my iron broke, I didn't miss it at all. David, on the other hand, is going crazy without it.

I don't miss cheese. I hated the smell of it years before going vegan.

I don't watch horror movies.

I don't board a train if the doors are already open. Too scared to get caught in them.

I don't like potatoes, unless they are in the form of crisps, chips or French fries.

I don't read crime novels.

I don't drive.

I don't feel any maternal urges or desire to be a mum.

I don't use an eyelash curler.

I don't put milk in my tea. I do, however, enjoy almond milk in my coffee.

I don't dream of buying a house. Renting's fine with me.

I don't listen to techno music (house, trance, whatever you kids call it).

I don't skip breakfast. Or any other meals.

What are some things you never do? 

...oh and really nice stuff about me and my magazine Vilda over at Hold the Eggplant!

Picture from Pinterest


New and Improved Coffee and Heels!

SO happy about the Coffee and Heels re-launch!

I've worked with the talented Christina Galani on the new design, which I am so proud of!

My aim for the new and improved Coffee and Heels is to turn it into a chic, elevated lifestyle site, so expect to see more curated content on vegan living, blended with my own thoughts, adventures and rants (I know you've missed my rants!). 

Let me know what you think of the new design - I feel it's much more representative of me and what my blog is today.


Coffee and Heels is Under Maintenance

When I started this blog, I was passionate about it. It was my little space where I could create anything I wanted to create. This blog has been around for three years, seeing me through big moments and small victories. But lately, it's been a bit on the back burner.

With my new job and Vilda, finding time to blog has been harder and harder. And, as I've mentioned previously, Blogger is a disappointment and moving to Wordpress is a bit of a challenge. For a while, I thought of taking a break from Coffee and Heels.

But then I remembered I still love this blog. I can't imagine a life where I don't get to create my own content on my own space. And I feel I owe it to everything the blog has brought me - amazing friendships, work opportunities and the beginning of Vilda. So Coffee and Heels isn't going anywhere.

But it is getting a makeover, and I'm going to take a break from posting until it's all ready - all shiny and brand new. So I will see you when it's time to unveil the new Coffee and Heels. I'm already excited about it.


I Love Girls, But it's Just Not Realistic

Girls is one of my favorite TV shows. It's spontaneous, well-written and two episodes in a go is nowhere near enough - I wish it could just go on, like  one of those annoyingly long movies, but one that you actually want to watch. I find Lena Dunham to be one of the very few truly genius people that currently occupy our cultural landscape. Her book Not That Kind of Girl was clever, honest, irreverent and masterfully written.

Even so, I have a problem with the way this show is marketed. At the time of the hype for season one, I remember it being advertised as "the realistic version of Sex and the City" and yes, it does have some things in common with our favourite glamorous quartet - the show's about a writer chick and her three BFFs living in New York City. But the "realistic" part is, as far as I'm concerned, completely taken out of thin air.