Stocking Fillers: Brew-Dolph Sustainable Coffee

One of my favourite parts of being a blogger is receiving coffee for review - I'm sure I've told you before that one of my dreams is to become a coffee expert, somewhat of a coffee sommelier (yep, that's how much I love the stuff). A few weeks ago I was sent this beautiful Christmas coffee by Brew-Dolph at Make Decent Coffee -  and this was a special holiday-themed treat. A word of warning: it's not ground, and I had to borrow a coffee grinder to test it, but then again I should probably just buy one already (maybe something for Santa?). But I promise that the refined yet full flavour of this coffee will certainly be worth the minutes spent grinding.

I love waking up to a late December Sunday breakfast: the faint sunshine lighting up the room, the realisation that there isn't anywhere to be, anywhere to go, that the day is stretching out ahead of me full of delicious freedom...and that scent of coffee. Full, rich, luxurious, like the good kind of wake-me-up on a lazy morning.

What I love about this coffee is obviously the soft floral flavour with a citrusy hint (see? I'm all coffee-sommelier already) but also the fact that its market presence is based on fair and ethical sourcing, along with 100% traceability - see here. In order to enjoy coffee with a clear conscience, full traceability is very important to me. Knowing where our coffee (along with other products we use) comes from is key for responsible consumption. A hint of environmental responsibility with some vegan cake is what I call a perfect Sunday breakfast.

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