She Doesn't Need Us. We Need Her.

I stumbled across this video today and instantly loved it. One of the strongest environmental messages in recent memory, Conservation International's series of Nature is Speaking films include Harrison Ford, Penelope Cruz, Robert Redford, Lupita Nyong'o and Ian Somerhalder, to name a few. And of course this one, the badassest one of them all - Julia Roberts as Mother Nature.

This is such a powerful message and it's so true - nature doesn't need us to survive. When she's tired of us, she'll simply wipe us out. As she has done with so many species before us.

We are dependent on nature in every single way, every moment of our lives. You can't artificially create everything, and even if you could, you'd need natural resources to do so. And when those resources are gone, they're gone. Each one of us must consider nature in our everyday lives - it's not a choice, it's a duty. At least if we want to survive.

Nature isn't ours: we're part of a bigger picture, not owners of it.  Nature (and animals!) is not here for us to abuse. She doesn't need us. We need her.

Find out more at natureisspeaking.org (who did not in any way, shape or form sponsor this post. I just genuinely love the videos)

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