Present Perfect

Oh, the beauty of Christmas presents.
The total agony of having to shop for them, the HELL of having to wrap them (mine look like the handiwork of a drunk five-year-old, please forgive the political incorrectness) - but also the excitement of trying to guess what's in the package with your name on it. And the sheer marvel of tearing open the package.

This year, I got David a record player for Christmas. Only upon him opening the package did we discover that it was USB-only (why is this even a thing??) and so ends its tragic story. We can't even send it back as the packaging went in the recycling weeks ago. Why didn't I check, you ask. Except I did, but Amazon advertised it as "mains and USB". Not cool, Amazon. Pretty sure I'll still shop with you, but not cool anyway.

Which of course means that David's presents for me were, automatically, better - the perfect combination of things I want and things I need, they were the cherry on the top of a lovely Christmas. I tore open the wrapping to find:

A camera tripod. I love my camera, but, a year and a half after receiving it as a family gift for my 30th birthday, I'm still pretty crap at using it. I'm fascinated by great photography and always strive to get better, so receiving an instrument that will help me get better was perfect.

A gift card to H&M. Yay, shopping! Can't wait to go crazy in the big H&M in Oxford Circus. Pure indulgence.

...and then there was another present. From my best friend, who lives in Sweden, where my yoga idol Rachel Brathen was having a book signing in November. I will always be in awe of the fact that my friend went, stood in line, chatted to Rachel and sent me the signed book. It makes me so happy that she thought of me and picked a gift that she knew I would LOVE.

And you know what - the book is amazing! It's super-inspirational, has lots of great yoga tips and obviously fantastic photos. If you read Swedish and either love yoga or are curious about it, check it out here.

My Christmas was spent watching holiday movies, taking walks in the sunshine, eating cake and drinking wine - pure perfection. Couldn't have asked for better!

And by the way: today is Jared Leto's birthday. Which basically makes it a worldwide holiday.

What did you get/give for Christmas?

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