My 2014 In Music

Crazy amazing drawing by Yanni Floros

I'll start this post by stating right away that it is not sponsored, which one might think due to the number of times that I will repeat how much I love Spotify. It's brilliant. I'm proud that the creators are Swedish! This service gives you all the music you love in one place, without the need for internet access and...well, you all probably already know this because you all have it. If not, GET IT now.

Anyway, Spotify has this "your year in music" thingie that I think is really cool. Or in my case, really predictable:

Guys. I don't even know what "permanent wave" is. But I was certain that "pop punk" was kinda my thing. A bit confused now.

Well no surprises there. Except where is Nirvana? I listen to an average of five Nirvana songs a day, so that Muse (no offence, Matt & co) landed the top spot was a bit of a surprise. Then again, this was the year I discovered Dark Shines and Unintended (the latter is among the best songs in the world!) so maybe Spotify's reasoning does have a logic to it.

Again, Nirvana missing from this is seriously weird. Lithium is an everyday song for me. And I thought Working Class Hero would be higher - that's one of my top-ten favourite songs ever. But I love how My Chemical Romance came in first - I bet it's just because of how crazy I am about the song name.

This is my favourite feature - the seasonal preferences. Jared, what can I say, I'll try to do better in springtime.

Find out what your 2014 in music was like (but don't get surprised if your all-time favourite band doesn't even make it on there) here.

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