Looking Back on 2014 and Wishes for 2015

What a year this has been.

As 2014 goes out with a bang, I look back on what has been a truly life-shaping year for me. With its dizzyingly huge events (such as becoming a wife and aunt), its new horizons and new discoveries, this year has also been the year of stability in ways I never expected it to be: this was the year when I found home in more than one sense. And I finish this year a slightly different person.

In 2014,

I went to London Fashion Week for the first time (and a second time after that).

Jared Leto won an Oscar! For what must be one of the best films ever made.

I was featured in Marie Claire UK and GLAMOUR Germany.

My stunningly perfect niece Elise was born.

I had a hen night! (that's bachelorette party for my US readers).

I stayed true to my promise to "visit one place I've never been before" every year and visited two: Newquay and Agropoli.

We finally, finally found a new flat!

Vilda had its one-year anniversary!

And then there was this.
The most beautiful and perfect moment of my life happened this year - sometimes I forget that. But just one glance at the pictures is enough to make my heart jump again.

Some of my favourite moments of 2014:

Enjoying gorgeous colours of nature and trying not to freeze to death in Cornwall

Wearing pink hair on my hen night!

Scoffing down vegan hot dogs at the V-Delicious show at Kensington Olympia.

Exploring my husband's mother's hometown of Agropoli in the South of Italy.

Celebrating my 31st birthday in Amalfi, one of the most gorgeous places I've ever seen.

Holding my niece Elise in my arms for the first time.

Moving into our new flat in an area we love.

And yes, the happiest moment of my life - my wedding to the man I love. On a gorgeous (albeit windy) June day in Stockholm.

Today as we get ready to celebrate the departure of 2014 with friends here in London and welcome in the new year, I hope that 2015 will bring:

A fulfilling, inspiring beginning in my new job (starting on Monday!)

Many moments of laughter with my friends and family

Lots of travel. To places I've never been, and to places I've loved for years

Success and growth for Vilda

A more in-depth dedication to yoga and healthy living

The fulfilment of a new project I have in mind

The transformation of Coffee and Heels! A new look is coming.

More sunny mornings sleeping in, new shoes to break in and nights of falling asleep happy.

But above all, this will be the year of mindfulness for me. The year when I vow to be present in the moment (I've tried the Envisioning Method six-day meditation in the last few days - it really helps with that) and just live every moment - something that's always been so hard for me. Could be my trickiest New Year's resolution to date!

Courtesy of Flipagram, here's my 2014 in pictures. The music is NOT by whoever Crystal Gayle is - it's composed by my very own David Camilli.

Happy New Year to all of you. Enjoy tonight and start 2015 with a smile.


  1. Il mio miglior augurio è che questo nuovo anno possa portarti quanto di più bello desideri!!
    Un abbraccio e tanti auguri!

  2. Ti sei sposata?!?!??!?!?!? Congratulazioni!!!!!!

    Sono felicissima per te! Quante cose mi sono persa! :'(

    1. eh sí, a giugno! Sí ho provato a guardare il tuo blog qualche mese fa ma era chiuso? Bentornata!

    2. Eh sì, avevo deciso di chiuderlo momentaneamente. Ma ci sono! :)

  3. Hai proseguito bene l'essere nei ''30'' :) Continua così!!


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