Festive London: Winterville

This Christmas is special - it's our very first London Christmas.

With my family living in Stockholm and David's family living in Milan, the question of where to spend the holidays is always a problem: whoever isn't picked gets offended and while we could technically do both (my family's Russian and celebrates Christmas on 7th January), paying for London-Milan-Stockholm-London plane tickets is more of something that BeyoncĂ© and Jay-Z could do. Last year we tried splitting up,  I went to my family and he went to his, and it was horrible. We met up on New Year's Eve, agreeing that we never want to do that again. So, for the first time, we're staying in London for the holidays.

What's amazing about London over the holidays? The answer is, well, EVERYTHING.

The twinkly decorations all over Oxford street. The Christmas music in every shop, from Selfridges to Sainsbury's. The mulled wine, the Christmas puddings, the infinite possibilities when it comes to gift shopping. But especially the Christmas festivals.

I've already blogged about Winter Wonderland in the first instalment of Festive London, and two years later, crowded as it is, I still love it. I've also talked about Christmas in Southbank and the Christmas Street Feast - both fab. But this year,  we set out to discover something new: Winterville in Victoria Park.

Twinkling and festive, this event is as Christmassy as the rest of them, with an alternative twist. Lots of quirky little treats by local merchants, the yummiest food ever (the dumplings!) and, of course, mulled wine, make Winterville the perfect mix between festive and unique. Whether you've got kids in tow, are heading out with a group of friends or planning a romantic December afternoon with a significant other, we recommend!

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