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A week ago I was invited to a blogger event at the lovely Amorino in King's Road, Chelsea. Along with my friend Annalisa from The Apple Market blog, who was also invited, I trotted off to the lovely little shop tucked away on a street drenched in Christmas spirit, twinkling into the chilly night. A part of me wondered how I'd ever manage to wolf down sizeable quantities of ice cream in the middle of icy December. If I had only known.

This gelateria has roots in Italian gelato-making traditions, but all their delicacies are now hand-made in Paris. No artificial colours or flavouring is used (which you can tell from the flavour of the sorbets) and the chain has shops in several European countries plus the USA.

On a cold winter's evening, entering the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the Amorino shop is like relaxing into a soft, comfortable sofa after a gruesome gym workout: it's relaxing. Comforting. And you just want to stay there and never leave.

Especially since every sweet delicacy you'd ever imagined is readily available - even if you're vegan.

Yes, most of the chocolates do have milk - but the fondente ones are pure dark chocolate and suitable for vegans. And the marrons glac├ęs are obviously just chestnut and sugar, 100% vegan and delicious.

The flower-shaped cones come in a variety of flavours (you pay the weight of the ice cream, not the number of flavours, so you can indulge in as many delicious flavours as you like!) and sorbets are, of course, vegan. Amorino offers a variety of yummy sorbets such as raspberry, lemon, mango and chocolate - I had no idea that chocolate sorbet was even possible and this particular one was beyond amazing! And the fruit sorbets really taste like fruit, thanks to the fact that Amorino uses no artificial flavours.

Obviously the ice cream cakes and macaroons are not vegan - even so, Amorino offers a range of plant-based choices that makes it much more vegan-friendly than other chains. The lovely Luisa who invited us checked the ingredients of the hot chocolates for me and there are only two flavours we can't have: milk chocolate - duh! - and white chocolate, which isn't really chocolate anyway. But dark chocolate, cinnamon, nocciola...are all perfectly plant-based!

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