Things I carry in my bag at all times:

My wallet. It's from Accessorize and was a birthday present. Note to all leather-snobs: my faux-leather beauty now a year and a half old (which is like 50 in wallet years) and There's. Not. Even. A. Scratch. So there.

My wallet contains: a ticket from the first-ever 30 Seconds to Mars concert I ever went to, in Milan (I've been to three, one in Milan, one in Stockholm and one here in London...where to next, my beloved Jared?), a London Tube map - yep, after over two years here, I still need one - plus a ticket from We Will Rock You, the best musical of all times. And  a US dollar, which is a reminder of my dream to go back to Los Angeles one day. Plus, my wallet also has pictures of my sisters, which is great because I see them quite rarely. And a photo of David, which is great even if I see him every day.

My Aromi vegan lip gloss. You know those days with back-to-back meetings all over town, barely having time for lunch, your shoes all stained from this INCESSANT rain, your hair is inexplicable and you feel like you've been on the Tube exactly all day? Or, alternatively, when your eyes take on a square shape from staring into a screen for ten hours? On those days, a coat of lip gloss magically ensures that your reflection vaguely resembles a human being again.

My pen. Yes, I'm old fashioned and there are times when writing actually means writing. With a pen. In a notebook. Also, I stare at a screen all day for a living, so it's a nice change. Pens are also great for losing absolutely anywhere.

My vitamins. There is sometimes a debate over whether vegans need to take supplements. I do take them - just to be sure. The only vitamin that healthy vegans are really in danger of losing out on is B12 - I get my fix thanks to fortified cereal and various veggie milks, but I pop this pill once a day as well, just to be on the super-safe side.

My Philosophy Pure Grace perfume.  It's a miniature and it's really handy. Plus, it smells like waking up on a crisp, sunny spring morning. On perfectly clean sheets. On the 30th floor of a NYC hotel. Waiting for room service.

My sunglasses. Although I haven't needed them in a while. I would have taken a photo of my umbrella instead, but it was still wet. Damn November.

Things that you will never find in my bag:

Car keys. At 31, it's pretty much a safe bet that I will never get a license.

Cigarettes. Seriously, I've tried but I've never quite gotten the point. It mainly tasted and felt like someone was scratching the inside of my throat with steel wool.

Tissues. Don't ask me because I never, ever have any.

Gum. I used to be the girl who always had gum. Strawberry flavoured gum. But then I found out about aspartame. If anyone knows of any gum that doesn't have it, let me know.

A Kindle. I like actual books. Ones where you have to turn the page. Ones with hard covers and no "on/off" button. Although, when I travel, the prospect of bringing ten books with me is somewhat alluring.

What do you always carry in your bag?


  1. My phone, my business card, my lipstick and keys are my essentials!
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  2. toothbrush and toothpaste, deo, candies, wallet, keys, tissues, phone charger, something to read, at the moment a scarf I'm doing with the crochet, map of milan and my plan to conquer the world ;) :D

  3. Peppersmith gum, available at Whole Foods! Aspartame-free! http://www.peppersmith.co.uk/

  4. :) Tissues (always), lip balm, a little mirror (to check if my contact lenses are where they are supposed to be), a pen, office badge, my wallet and oyster card, hand gel, keys and headphones :)



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