Cool Things You'll Only See in London

The schoolgirl with a Ramones sweatshirt on top of her school uniform, tiny pleated skirt and all.

The LUSH cashier girl with tattoos so incredibly stunning you can't stop staring (I had to compliment her on them, lest she think I was some weirdo just staring at her arms for no reason).

Musicians randomly jamming together at guitar stores, and the spontaneity of it making it amazing.

The most devastating downpour you'd ever seen, followed by glorious, blindingly sparkling sunshine.

Some of the most innovative, vibrant artworks of the world...spray-painted across concrete walls.

The guy on the Tube at 8 a.m, gliding down the stairs in a pair of glittery heels so fiercely high that I couldn't even stand still for five minutes in them.

The best meal you've ever had...wrapped in paper, enjoyed while sitting on the sidewalk.

That guy busking at Leicester Square station, putting every single X Factor winner to shame.

A supermodel queueing in front of you at Boots.

The sunset over Southbank.

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