The Fakeover

I'm so proud to present a Vilda initiative that I'm super excited about!

To promote faux fur and minimise the use of real fur in fashion, we've launched The Fakeover campaign - a campaign that showcases beautiful brands (like Vriie - see the above photo) that focus on faux fur. We'll show off our own faux fur outfits and talk about how to wear the look.

Things the campaign will touch on:

  • Can real fur ever be sustainable? (hint: NO)
  • How to accessorise and style a faux fur coat
  • Why we don't wear fur - Team Vilda speaks out
  • Interviews with faux-fur designers
  • Vegan personalities on why they fake it
  • Best faux fur coats for winter

...and maybe even a giveaway or two!

Join us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and, of course, Vilda. Feel free to Tweet and Instagram us your thoughts on fake (and real) fur, plus your best faux fur looks with #thefakeover hashtag!


  1. if it's good quality, fake fur is great!!

    1. take a look at Unrealfur.com, Shrimps.com and Faux.uk.com!


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