Alternative London

I love street art, so when my office team offsite day turned out to include a walking tour of one of London's art-rich areas, East London and Brick Lane, I was beyond curious. Organised by Alternative London Tours, the afternoon was a colourful overview of a creative, buzzing area filled with some of the most beautiful, unique artworks I've ever seen grace the walls of a city.

I have always been fascinated by street art - and I'm always so angry when it gets buffed away. It's an expression of our time and shouldn't be illegal. Naive as it may sound, I'd love for all the ad billboards all over London to disappear and be replaced by gorgeous art, or for the white-grey, boring walls of the city to be embellished by artworks bursting with colour. Wishful thinking. Check out some of East London's finest pieces below.


  1. beautiful, in granada there's a staircase full of graffiti.. when they're well done they are meaningful/funny/etc, I prefer them as well than a dull and plain grey building.


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