Two Years in London

Two years ago today, I sat in Milan's Malpensa airport, waiting for the flight that would take me and my then-fiance to our new lives in London. It was a cloudy day and all I could think about was the possibility that our Airbnb hosts had given us the wrong phone number by mistake and we would never be able to find our way to their house. I don't know why this thought kept swirling around in my mind as the plane took off and Milan disappeared beneath me. 

When we landed at Gatwick, the sun was shining over a summery London. One of the worst summers in the city's recent memory was over and autumn was beginning with sun-drenched days - the perfect welcome. Of course we had no trouble at all finding our Airbnb hosts and their home was absolutely stunning - our London life had started in the most intriguing way we could wish for. That evening, as we sat on a bench in Stoke Newington, eating the best falafel wraps I've ever had in my life, I felt that giddy rush of excitement: something new was beginning, and whatever this new era would bring, I already loved it. And when I woke up the next morning, sunshine blazing and our hosts' two cats sleeping peacefully by our feet in the bed, I knew that I was home.

Two years have passed since that plane took off and I'm glad to say we're still here.

So much has happened in these two years. So many new friends, new experiences, new impressions, new posts on this blog.

We've visited Brighton and Cornwall, exploring the beauty of Southern England, its stunning beaches and landscapes.

We've browsed countless London markets and quirky places, eaten the whole world's worth in street food and discovered new favourite hangouts.

I've been photographed and interviewed for Marie Claire UK and GLAMOUR Germany

We got married and went on honeymoon.

I've had my share of disappointments. But I've also seen one of the biggest victories of my life handed to me by this city full of opportunity. 

It wasn't until I moved here that I really learned to trust myself and my ideas. To throw them out there. Watch them grow into amazing things. We've both learned that if we trust our talents and go with our guts, we might get rewarded. More than we ever thought was possible.

As we leave another lovely London summer behind, it's time for even more new beginnings. Watch this space.


  1. You've done so many amazing things since moving to London. What a lovely post, it's really nice to reflect like this :) x

  2. E' belo (ri)leggere i tuoi ricordi. A mille anni ancora così!
    Un bacione
    Life, Laugh, Love and Lulu


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