(Veggie) Burger Mania at Antenna American Diner

Tomorrow's David's birthday - he chose to celebrate at Antenna American Diner, a US-inspired burger place in the lovely Crystal Palace area, where we just moved. The diner's closed on Mondays, so we moved his celebration to last night. I called the diner before and arranged for them to bring out a brownie with a candle in it (which I couldn't eat as it wasn't vegan, but David was delighted and found it delicious). The diner's Americana-style decor, super-friendly and helpful staff and cool blend of road-trippy music was a hit - not to mention one of the best veggie burger I've had since moving to London.

The diner boasts an impressive burger menu, a lovely selection of hot dogs (note to self: must try the veggie dog next time we go!) and a great range of desserts, which I won't be able to experience - when will mainstream restaurants finally begin carrying at least one vegan dessert option that's not the fruit salad? Their breakfast menu reminds me of when I lived in Santa Monica and had hungover breakfasts in lovely caf├ęs, cosy and kitch at once, as Cali as they come. Last night's dinner at Antenna did make me even more nostalgic for my LA life.

Our lovely waitress was one of the highlights of the evening - not only did she help me plan and book the evening, she was also an absolute delight to be around. Never too overbearing, she was smiley, pleasant and very efficient. I wish more restaurant staff was like that.

David was very happy and I'd recommend this place to fellow vegans - the cater to almost every need and all their veggie dishes can be made vegan. The bean burger is fab and the atmosphere alone is worth a visit!


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