Things I Love: Summer in London!

Photo from the amazing and fabulous Southbank!

This time of year, it seems like everyone is on holiday: Facebook feeds are overflowing with seaside pictures, Instagram is full of tanned bikini bodies and most people I know are either blissfully enjoying faraway shores or frantically (yet very excitedly) packing their bags. It's almost enough to make me forget that I did go on holiday this year - and it was a pretty important one, too! But since it happened so early in the year, it basically feels like I'm spending the summer in London.

...which, I'm realising, I don't mind at all.

I love leaving the office when it's still warm and sunny (I thought I'd miss being freelance in the summer, but we spend all our lunch breaks sitting outside in the sunshine, something I very rarely did last year when I had tons of deadlines and lots of work to do just to be able to make rent!). 

I love having after-work drinks sitting outside sunny pubs, enjoying a sparkling glass of Prosecco...especially if it's a Friday and the whole weekend is stretching out ahead of me.

I love just chilling out in one of London's amazing parks - my favourite thing to do on a Sunday is to grab a book and some snacks and spend the afternoon relaxing in the park. 

I LOVE SOUTHBANK more than few other things in the world. It's one of the places I love the most in London - in the winter it's home to an amazing Christmas market and festival, and in the summer it's simply the best place to spend a Saturday evening.

I love city beaches...I think. Recently we braved the queues for Camden Beach - what can best be described as a beach bar (all you're offered is beer and cocktails...not even an ice lolly!) on the top of the Roundhouse. It was very crowded and I don't know if we'll be going again, but it was definitely worth a go! Tip to the organisers - throw an ice-cream bar in there! Possibly one with vegan options.

I love going to farms (tip: visit the Vauxhall City Farm) and hanging out with animals all day. Next on my list: Mudchute and Crystal Palace Park Farm). 

I love picnics. Especially boozy ones. I know, London's not the only city boasting prime picnic spots. But with such an amazing selection of gorgeous parks, how could anywhere else compare?

I love watching my husband's gigs - they're not summer-exclusive, yet it's so much more appealing to trot home at midnight, guitar and pedals in tow, on a warm summery night rather than in a February blizzard.

I love walking around the markets, stopping for a Frappuccino (tips: Brixton Market, Camden Lock and obviously Borough), not a care in the world.

I love waking up in the morning...no, I really hate it, I loathe my alarm.  But the combination of sunshine + riding the bus past Westminster bridge on my way to work actually makes it all more bearable.

I love the fact that, after work today, I met my husband for a stroll in the park.

I love the fact that any Saturday is a great opportunity to escape to Brighton!

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