Moving Soon!

Disclaimer: as much as I wish we were moving to this flat, we're not. It's just one of those amazing Pinterest pictures that are there to make you drool a lot and curse your paycheck.

So, after a never-ending search, we found, once again, that we're better off taking a less obvious path to our goals (it's a bit like looking for a job and how you're better off contacting companies you're interested in before they advertise the actual position, as opposed to just answering a job ad). Frustrated with soaring London rents and the prospect of "agency fees" (which is pretty much like throwing your cash into the sea, or, if you're feeling less poetic, the toilet), we had a brainstorm about what we could actually do to find ourselves a deal. What we came up with was to offer room-painting or other flat-fixing services in exchange for cheaper rent. The work itself would, of course, be done by my amazing husband. 

As a result, we found a flat in just a week - after almost a year of "traditional" flat search!

Aside from the excitement of exploring a brand new area of London, we're also looking forward to having our own space (FINALLY) and decorating (well, that's mostly me). What I'm not looking forward to is having to pay almost double rents next month - officially the poorest month of the year! But it's all worth it just to have a place to call our own. 

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