Honeymooners: A Photo Post

Our honeymoon began...with a search party.

Two days after our wedding, as we were frantically scrambling our belongings together at my mum's house to catch the train for the airport, David quite matter-of-factly mentioned the small, insignificant detail that he had lost - LOST!! - his wedding ring. Yep, the one that had barely spent two days on his finger. I dropped everything and searched suitcases, bed sheets and bathroom cabinets...until it showed up in his backpack (really).  All rings on the correct fingers and suitcases in tow, we began our newlywed voyage towards Agropoli, a tiny village near Salerno, Italy, where David's mum was born and where my new husband spent most of his summers as a kid. We were also set to visit parts of the rest of the Amalfi Coast.

Sweden to Italy may seem like an easy trip, but this was one of the most difficult trips I'd ever made, mostly due to Italian trains' absolutely ridiculous scheduling problems and constant delays. We arrived at destination at 11pm and had to wake David's aunt up for the keys to the flat! Once inside, we discovered that neither the water nor the power was working, so we had to wake up yet another aunt (almost the entire building belongs to David's family) for help. As soon as we'd settled down, we took a stroll around Agropoli, discovering not only stunning views but also a little fish restaurant that were kind enough to make me a grilled veggie plate. After this late-night dinner, we finally passed out in bed, sleeping well into the next morning.

The Amalfi coast is devastatingly beautiful. I've visited once when I was fourteen but obviously I don't remember much, and this is a particular part of the coast that I'd never seen - I'd never been this far south before. The first few days of our honeymoon weren't very sunny, which was just as well, so we got the chance to see Agropoli's gorgeous castle views.

The castle sits right above the sea, making the view breathtaking - and an amazing photo spot (which wasn't lost on the tourists in the area!).

Meeting David's relatives was wonderful - people in the South of Italy are friendly, warm and welcoming, and even dealt with my veganism brilliantly by cooking me fusilli with mushrooms and ordering me cheese-free pizza! Meeting them was one of the most important parts of our honeymoon - seeing where David spent his summers growing up, meeting his relatives and discovering yet another little piece of the puzzle.

We visited the gorgeous archeological town of Paestum with its stunning remains of historic wonders:

...and then spent the following days on the beach!
Getting to the beaches was easier said than done - it took not one but two massive hills and the walk was about 40 minutes. But believe me, it was well worth it thanks to views like these:

On my birthday, 21st June (the last day of our trip!), we headed to the beautiful city of Salerno and then jumped on a boat to stunning Amalfi! 

One of the best holidays of my life! Leaving the Amalfi coast and Agropoli felt bittersweet - as always I was happy to go back to my London life but this time I desperately wished for just a few more sun-soaked days in this colour-bursting, lemon-scented paradise. I have a feeling we'll be back soon!

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