Beyond Skin Sale!

So today I clicked into what can only be described as vegan shoe heaven (or wallet hell, depends on how you see it) - Beyond Skin's vegan shoe sale. I swear, if I still lived in Italy or California, or anywhere with a climate that allows for year-round open shoes, I could make out my entire shoe wardrobe just from this sale.  Sky-high heels with stunning geometric prints, patent sandals, dainty flats - yep, I think we've got most of basic (and beyond) footwear needs covered.

Beyond Skin is one of those brands that appeals to vegans and non-vegans alike - their ranges feature both vibrant, look-at-me-styles and more subdued, classically chic designs. Also (and no offence to my fellow veggies here) their shoes don't scream "vegan". Meaning no frumpy florals, unlikely colours or "comfortable" heels. This is first and foremost a fashion brand.

Plus, they're from Brighton!

So, I don't know what you're still sitting there and waiting for - hop over to the Beyond Skin web shop and get into the sale madness!

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