Cakes and Treats...and It's All Vegan!

...and you thought I'd be talking about wedding jitters!

Since it's 10 days (as in TEN DAYS!!) left, I calmed my bride-to-be nerves with a visit to Cakes N' Treats in my favourite area of London - Camden. I found out about this cute little café from the Emerald Street newsletter (such a valuable source of info for new Londoners!) and instantly knew I had to try it.

Cakes N' Treats is a very pretty, very small café just off Camden High Road. They offer delicious flavoured lattes and teas, burgers, sandwiches, cakes and cupcakes...with the awesome twist that absolutely everything is vegan!

I dragged my omnivore friend along and she seemed to have a good time - the above photo shows the two culinary masterpieces we had.  Deciding what to eat was a nightmare - just knowing that I could have everything on the menu left me a bit dizzy with undecidedness. Should I go for a cake or a cupcake? Skip the sweet treats altogether and go for a savoury dish...nah who am I kidding? It was obvious from the moment I saw the cakes that I wanted them with a fiery passion that is usually reserved for Jared Leto.

My final choice...drumroll please...the double chocolate cake:

...total and utter perfection. Sweet, smooth and chocolatey perfection.

I had a coconut cream macchiato to accompany it - and while it wasn't particularly caffeinated, it tasted so dreamy.

We ended up sitting at the café for hours, chatting away and looking at wedding dress and cake pictures! A very lovely afternoon. I'll be back as soon as I can!

To visit Cakes N' Treats, click here.

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